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Feel free to copy + paste and take this yourself!

1. Who was your first Kpop group?
2. Who was your first bias?
Jaejoong :3
3. What was the last Kpop song you listened to?
well Likey is stuck in my head so I guess that...
4. If you could join any group, which would it be?
That's so hard!! Maybe...Mamamoo? They seem to be really good friends :)
5. What's your guilty pleasure Kpop song?
probably Likey haha or any really old song that tbh isnt that great
6. What's a group you weren't into at first and then loved?
GOT7! I didnt like their songs until 'If You' actually~
7. Who is your current bias?
8. Who is your bias wrecker?
I feel like it changes everyday
9. Have you ever bought merch or a CD? If yes, what was your first item?
I only bought one CD and it was Infinite's Over The Top!
10. Boy groups or girl groups?
Boy groups
11. Who is your Kpop role model?
Hakyeon or Seulgi :)
12. If you were an idol, what would your position be?
I wish I was 4D but probably just a vocal^^
13. What song always cheers you up?
Love Equation or GR8U by VIXX
14. If you could only see one group live, who would it be?
VIXX!!! or TVXQ as all 5 again ㅠㅠ
15. If you could ask your bias one question, what would it be?
How do you deal with all the pressure, is there some mantra you tell yourself?
16. What Kpop song do your non-Kpop friends like?
Infinite's Be Mine!
17. Do you know any Kpop choreography?
The first dance I ever learned with Replay by SHINee
18. Who do you think is an underrated Kpop group?
soooo many! but pls support MVP!
19. Would you ever audition?
Nope! I would never want to be an idol
20. If you weren't listening to Kpop, what would you be listening to?
Probably alternative rock????? I really like music from the 60s too~

Hehehe that's me!

I'm glad you got into Got7! They are my bias group😚 Now that they have more say in their music I feel like they are progressing really well. I hope many more people will come to love them too 😁😁 Maybe I'll do this quiz after my test tomorrow haha, but for now I should study!
ooo I want to do this!