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New Intro ~

Hey Guys sorry if you've bee sending me notificatiions i haven't been around like what so ever. Anywho everything is settled for me right now so i'll be returning! i don't think im gonna write anymore stories related to kpop or anything. But i will however be writing stories still yes, and still romance based...just a different style.

Any who what's been happening is i finished enrolling into college, i started school, so Thats a neato. I've had relationship drama rama but then again who doesn't! But out of these few months i've found out who i am as a person, i love myself now, genuinely. It's taken me a while to reach this point too. But i realized i don't need to have other people to make me happy, or to wear make up to be pretty, i don't have to voice my opinions for people to be able to uderstand what they are either. I'm learning to take it one step at a time. And i'm also walking through a Journey with God, and will be for the rest of my life.

But officially what i wantd to say is i've returned to vingle, for how log this time? "WHO KNOWS?" but i'll try to keep up with it. I'll make it a Vlog, Blog,ad Story page probably, so if you are still there and support me, thank you som much for the love!!!

I love You all.