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hi hi! Im back once again with a little bit more of the Q&A finishing it up.
So close to forgetting the last 3 questions.

What is your favorite song and why? I have to go to my top which is power. It has the most meaningful lyrics to me.

What is your favorite Album? My fav album is Noir. I love the mv to skydive and the concept. Its sexy dark and mysterious lol
Why do you love B.A.P? I love B.A.P because of their music,  the begining they didnt follow the norms but made a bang doing it! And as time went in their music reflected them. When i heard about the struggles they went through in the company ts i couldnt believe that despite it all they perused and continued on. Now daehyun is doing theater as well and yongguk, jongup, Daehyun, and zelo made solo songs  Waiting to see if Himchan and Youngjae will do the same.
well that finishes up my Q&A. thanks for reading a bit about me

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Love your answers! I had fun doing my card. Thank you for making this. 😊