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This is why you should never ever compare your physical appearance to those of idols, because more than half of them are starving themselves still.

In a recent interview, Infinite members talked about their past diets including:

"In the past, we used to go on a diet without eating anything. During promotions, we survived with IV drips. There were times where we would get IV drips at night and attend schedule the next morning." Nowadays, I make sure I have two meals. When doing the choreographies, I tend to lose weight so I try to eat well, and whenever I eat with hyungs, it sincerely feels like we're a family." - Sungjong

I hope they're able to eat a lot in the future and be healthy and happy :3

I was so happy to see Sungjong looking healthy for this comeback. HE WAS SO THIN FOR "THE EYE"......Admittedly he was mesmerizing but way too thin. He talked about wanting to eat but being told his thin appearance suited the concept..... so he was only allowing himself 2 spoonfuls of food a day.... like WTF.
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What? This is absurd!!!!
My boys are seriously amazing, they're already skinny enough especially Sungjong! Sungjong is my ultimate bias so it's painful to know how much he suffered. Why is Korea so superficial geeez
IV drips? ..omg😧
my babies don't deserve this 😧😧😧
omg, :(