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Personally I think this is a very silly rumor but I'm always interested in kpop conspiracy theories so here we go~

here's the original thread~

1. Her face turns from big smiles to suddenly a frown and eye roll when Jimin appears on screen. All the Twice members look at her awkwardly to see her reaction. (watch the video here)
2. She gets really excited about all the other songs played during the 1 hour long VLive that Twice had, but when they played 2 BTS songs she looked angry, didn't want to dance, and even walked off camera (with all the girls laughing and pointing at her - her dislike for BTS seems to be a well known thing to the twice members)
3. Fans catch her looking at him when she can and moving seats at award shows when he's near (so maybe its not hate??) (video here)
4. But some people say she's acting like a girl with a crush??
(personal opinion) if there is something going on like a dating thing she make it to obvious and the girls or if they had something and he broke up with her is normal that she hates him ( I hate my ex too 😁) hhahahaa but I don't think is hate for been him because who could hate that sweet cutie ...but what ever it's she make it to obvious and the girls ...that is my personal opinion ..thank you
Her name is Jeongyeon and perhaps she doesn't like them. Idols don't have to like everyone you know and for the Dahyun dancing part she doesn't like when her members get way off image because she knows how they can get 😂😂
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It depends on the way you read it. I have a tendency to type in a way that sounds rude to people but hearing my voice in person you'd know it wasn't meant to be rude. And tbh it's only rude if you think it's rude.