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Here is some stuff that i did while i was gone. I cut my hair and got bangs, Woahh!! Then i gained my skills in makeup, still a goth sloth, i really started to shift into more of my goth style and im in love with it. Im reallt considering on shaving my eyebrows so i can do more short eyebrow looks. I still dont have new cosplays . But i will soon. Im saving money now to get some vocaloid stuff together. So please comment who's your favorite vocaloid??
You look great as always, and I would reconsider on the eyebrow shaving lol I don't have a favorite vocaloid, the only one I'm even vaguely aware of existing is Hatsune Miku!, so I'll go with that one p.s. I dig the goth look, I thought it went out of style, but it's nice to see it again
Thanks so much!! Im really about to shave my eyebrows cause gluing them down is sort of a hussle and i dont want to keep doing it. im really hoping to cosplay miku and len some time this year!!! but idk though. ill still be my goth sloth self
My favorite vocaloid is Mengurine Luka. ❤ and look absolutely stunning, work it queen!!
@Sugasadamsapple Luka is waifu!! thank you!!!!