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Park Jimin, who is in JYP and has only released a few songs, is an MC for After School with Kevin and Jae. When they were talking about their hopes for the new year Jimin started shouting at the camera, clearly upset.

She tried to make it funny and light, but she got teary eyed and had to tilt her head back to hide the tears.
I'm a singer, I need to sing. I need an album, I need a song. I should be singing and I'm MCing. I need a song. Are you listening? Call me.
Watch it HERE

She's really talented - she deserves more time to SING!!!

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Yes! JYP really needs to promote Jimin and Yerin more (as singers, not mcs), whether it be as 15& or as solo artists. I'm pretty sure that between the two of them they only have one album out (plus other singles), which really sucks since they're two of the best female vocalists in the company...
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I know... It's really unfortunate and I hope that JYP will up their game this year and give them more work.