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Hello MonBebes! My name is Melissa! I'm part of the new team for Monsta X. I want to especially thank @Changkyunie and @AkiraMarie13 for asking me to join their team. In case, you don't know me, I am going to introduce myself.
My name is Melissa. I'm a big time multi-fan in multiple fandom. I'm leader of Boys Republic Royal Family Crew, BlackPink Blinks Crew, Mapsi Crew, and co- leader of Infinite. My UB is Sunwoo from Boys Republic. Shownu was my UB but he's still my Monsta X bias. I live in Texas. I work for an manufacturing plant going on 18 years. It's a stressful job, but kpop helps me relax.
Kihyun is my bias wrecker from Monsta X. I will be supporting him on Thursdays. So stay tune for my cards on Thursdays.

This will be my first time supporting Monsta X, but I have been a fan awhile. I'm looking forward to learning and appreciating more of the members of Monsta X.
Well that's basically who I am. I'm a big time kpop fan, who spends most of her free time on kpop and k dramas. I love watching dramas like Korean, Chinese, and even Thai. Thank goodness for subtitles, right?

That's all for now. Oh before I forget, we are currently celebrating Hyunwon birthday that's coming up. We hope you can join us.

Until next time MonBebes!

*please comment if you would like to be on Timeless MonBebes taglist. *

Can I be added to the tag list ?
@KihyunA Sure! I'll make sure you are on it 😊
I have a feeling we all are going to end up dying by each other's cards. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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@AkiraMarie13 okay πŸ˜‚