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Well this will be...different...

Inspired by popular American program “Dance Moms,” “Idol Moms” will follow the rigorous lives of five mothers with children who want to be idols. The five children will take on various missions and training in order to achieve their goals of being cast by the best agencies.
Dance Moms is a show where high strung women send their daughters to elite dance academy where they compete but its mainly the moms fighting and beating each other up while the girls cry.

It will be interesting to see how Idol Moms is any different...

Dance Moms:

What do you think?

it could be good for the kids to experience show might help them really think about becoming an idol and if they are ready or strong enough to handle it
Just another garbage show in my eyes!
I hope its different from the American show. The American show is so fucking stupid.
dance moms is heavily scripted, don’t know whether or not idol moms will take the same route or keep it reality 🤷‍♀️
im sure it will be styled way different for korean palet so im excited to see how idol kids start
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