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The very word ‘period’ conjures up images of cramps, hot water-bags, stains, leaks, and blots. A lot of girls heave a sigh of relief post the cessation of their menstrual cycle and shudder at the very thought of the ensuing one. Apart from the trauma of enduring the unbearable cramps that accompanies ‘those days’ of the month, stains and leakage is also another factor that makes them tremble with fear as the next cycle ensues. But no more. With period panties, you can now wave your nervous jitters goodbye. How and why? The answers to your queries are revealed below.

What is a Women’s Menstrual Underwear?

This is a women’s undergarment which comes with built-in pads to be worn during menstruation. What makes these period panties different from the standard ones is their disposable feature! You aren’t supposed to and also can’t reuse this underclothing post the ending of your period.

How Do These Function?

Women’s menstrual underwear, with their water-resistant coating and additional absorbing capacity, avoids any form of leakage, thereby staining your clothes. You’d be caught off guard to know that such undergarments also come with apertures in them for holding hot-water bags to press against your belly during menstrual cramps. Many period panties possess such marvelous features of a cotton pad that you can rely solely on this menstrual underwear itself. Isn’t this amazing!

Advantages and Attributes of Period Panties

• Period panties are intended to be thrown away post their use.
• These undergarments come with 24-hours protection from leakage.
• They are manufactured with upgraded technology to combat unpleasant odors.
• These are as comfortable and chic as your commonplace panties, with the only difference being their inbuilt pad feature.
• These can be used during travel, postpartum and pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation.
• The pad stays firmly in position and doesn’t bend or twist.

Concerns Regarding Toxic Shock Syndrome for Wearing Women’s Menstrual Underwear

Reading the write-up till now must have given rise to serious issues in your mind regarding the contraction of Urinary Tract Infection in the vagina from wearing such undergarments. Ward off any such notion as period panties, being worn externally, don’t foster the flourishing of harmful bacteria. Moreover, with their specially designed element of absorbing moisture from the body, it leaves you odor-free and relaxed unlike tampons and cotton pads.

Can Period Panties be worn on a Daily Basis?

Period panties can be worn for everyday use. However, owing to its extra absorbent coating, it can feel a little discomforting, as the pad tends to create pressure over your vagina. It depends on person to person whether they want to use them during their menstrual days or wear them on a daily basis.
Going gaga over the invention of period panties! With these built-in undergarments, your period can’t be more relaxing than this. Now, you don’t have to go through sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed. Feel as fresh as a daisy in those four days of the month!