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Hey Otakus!

It's Waifu Wednesday {Ultimate Edition!}❤

Like Always, Make An Awesome Card About Your Most Favorite Anime Waifu!

Now For Those Who Have Been Following Me Since The Begging Know That There's Only One Anime Girl That Could Make Me Question My Sexuality xD And That Is The Beautiful, The Fierce, The Loving Juvia Lockser!❤

Anime : Fairy Tail❤

Who Is Your Ultimate Waifu?!

Dont Forget To Tag Me On Your Card @AimeBolanos & To Post Your Card In the #WaifuWednesday Community!

I Can't Wait To See Your Cards!❤

Otaku Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

{A} :  @AkiraItuha @Anime4life20 @AnimeFreak484 @AnimeLove300 @AnbuRose @AndrewWenstad @AiLove26 @amedina0125 @AriOrtiz99 @assasingod @AmazingAshley @AdamDean {B} : @biancadanica98 @Bmondragon93 @Bobthe37 @BlackoutZJ @Bangtanss @Beanerific321 {C} : @CarlosVega006 @Cb12324245 @CrazyOtaku3 @ColtynGriffith {D} : @djdoubl3up @Dynasty5789 @DripDrop @Dragonshaow @DestinyAgnew @davelasco87 @Destroyer123 {E} : @ErzaScarlet56 @ElaineMcgarden {F} : @FileNotSaved @FrangelicaBCaju @Franz115 @FirePrincess11 @Frosta {G} : @Gracielou0717 @GhoulGasterIRL @Gibbous1992 {H} : @HunnaBallue @hermoineNH1 {I} : @IzamarPalomo @Itlulia @IdolOtaku {J} : @JanetLeonardo91 @JoshWithThumbs @jjbosy @jungshook {K} : @Kiwigirl90 @Kell13 @kouvarisb @KrisTheFreak @KarinaRaygoza @KennyMcCormick @KoizuniHime19 {L} : @Luna7 @Lilura @LeaEsterline @LCordz @Leolaring @Lisanna10 @LizStepter @LoneRose72 @LuisUmana {M} : @mithzyramirez10 @mistymaity @metaleuphoria @MelissaGarza @mymi @mayarich03 @MelissaGarza @MimmiBubble01 @MarcusCollins @MorganAlys {N} : @NeoNinjaRaiden @nimm14 @NeckoNecko @NathanielMoanan @NessaB @NatsuMasamune {O} : @OTPGaLe4eva @OtakuDemon10 {P} : @Pander @padfoot77 @PRroxx05 {Q} : @QBDaBest @quietone {R} : @rubychan19 @RogueLeigh @RandomlyWrite @RobertWhite {S} : @Sharia @SimplyAwkward @shadow3750 @Seera916 @SteveZuniga @SabrinadLoran @SAMURXAI @Sugasadamsapple {T} : @Tsuna545 @TaehyungV @thunder1254 @TakamiRen @Taylor18920 @tkdwjd0626 @tvmar @TamashiRogue @TylerCinamella @Tylor619 @TiffanyKidd {U} : @UbaldoRuiz {V} : @VanessaMcGraw {W} : @whatamooy  {X} : @xero0 @xxxkahrixxx {Y} : @Yorginsnarff @yulissab2015 @YankLugoGlez {Z} : @ZakariahForbes @ZacharyStewart @Zetsumei1 @Zeke486
I’ll post mine tomorrow since I had a long day of school (and got home and going to sleep) so wanted to say that before I got to bed
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@AimeBolanos it’s probably bc of the schools WiFi I’m using but the app works ok
For my ultimate I gotta give it to Hinata (I would make a card but my screenshot function has been acting weird so I’m just telling someone hope that’s cool) I mean she makes her own healing ointment and she cooks plus she’s cute when she blushes Not to mention her going balls to the wall to fight a known terrorist with a broken power despite her lack of power for the man she loves I have other reasons but for now that’s all I’ll say
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@drag0n5on Hahaha Awesome O_O She's mine tho... xD Can't wait to see your card next week then!