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ok can we take a minute to talk about this amazing beutiful and talented and underrated group?! this is anouther group that I love.... if you watch it you FALL IN LOVE like the title says

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Thanks for sharing! I miss them!
I miss them so much and am dying for a comeback! Luizy did some solos summer of last year, and Yixuan came out with a mix tape of sorts too. Sungjoo did a drama (and did it well), while the rest did some ads and filming here and there. I can't wait to see them all together on stage again. This was a nice treat! Thanks for keeping the Uniq love alive!!
I love this song!!!! I have both the Korean and English versions of it.
I love Uniq I always listen to there music both English and Korean are amazing I love both versions....plus I started watching a show that Yibo (My bias) is on
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@Kirinacorn81 the name of the show is "Love Actually". I love the show so far its very interesting.
I completely agree you can't help but fall in love.