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Gah its the middle of the week! time really flew and had gotten distracted But I do have a special short chapter for my readers!!!!
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i was trying to figure out how he would be feeling during the text messages and yup this happened! lol plus maybe get the 411 about her. oh shoot Im giving away okay I'll stop now. lol.
Chapter 5

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I had the right vibe going, bumping into her, getting to know her, and messaging her but I knew she would stop soon, she was busy with friends right now and probably wouldn't text me back.

“Joon, come on you need to get your head on” Jin said as I stared at my phone. Arms went around my shoulders and Yoongi was laying on me. I was seated on the ground so it was him basically leaning against my back.

“Did she message back?” Yoongi asked.

“she's with her friend Bree” I told him.

I had told him that I wanted to message her but didn't know what. He suggested harry potter theme since that's what we had in common at the moment, that I knew of.

“Bo, Bo! Whose Bree?” Yoongi called out to one of our studio managers.

“Bree? She's a nice girl, best friends with my girlfriend and Sunny. Why?” Bo answered.

“Oh” Yoongi blew out air right in my ear.

“Hey Bo you know Sunny well, is she dating anyone?” I asked as he came closer and stood over me.

“No free as a bird, nutty girl. She spends all her time at the bakery or reading. I sometimes worry about her “ he shrugged.

“whats her type? I asked. I needed information . From the moment I saw her there had been something unique about her. It was that she was kind but she wasnt sickeningly sweet kind like how most girls could be. She also didn't seem to treat me with kid gloves or like I was somebody important. Sunny was also very standoffish, like she didn't need any more people in her life.

“She doesn't have a type” Bo chuckled “me and Hye min actually have this joke, if a guy can get her attention away from her book for more than 5 minutes, she's interested” bo said.

“Really?” I perked up. “I had spent at least an hour talking to her the other night” I noted.

“which is good. Joon my boy, good luck to you if your interested in Sunny” Bo said

“Any helpful tips?” I asked “you know her a lot more than I do” I added making him chuckle.

“Damn right I do. Hmm well my only tip for you is to break her shell than she will be putty in your hands” he said than shrugged  “Or actually give you the time of day” bo smirked.

I chuckled.

“Either would be good” I said.

“Come on buddy let's finish up practice” J hope said.

“you guys go ahead I want to finish this chapter I started” I said pulling out my book.

The guys ignored me as i set in on reading.

A half hour later Bo had gotten a call and left.  He had some business to take care of. It didn't take long after that for the guys to finish with practice and want to go out for lunch.

I was trying to read my book as we walked but it was harder than I thought with the guys talking.

A girl randomly sitting caught my attention.

I had to do a double take to see who the girl sitting in the chair.

She was looking at her phone.

“Joon come on!” Tae called out as they had made it to the front door.

“Just a minute” I grinned as I went to the girl and stood in front of her. It was Sunny.

“Excuse me” I said

“Yes?” she looked up and her eyes widened in surprise. “Namjoon” she said shocked.  I was shocked too.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her “did you come to find me?” i asked.

“Um no, no I was here with a friend who's getting interviewed” she said.

“what a coincidence” I grinned.  “well do you mind if I wait here with you?” I asked.

“No you can go Im sure you were busy with that group you were with” she shook her head.

“I think they can get by without me” I said sitting next to her.

“Namjoon come on!” Suga poked his head into the hall.

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