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The long awaited return of my favorite part of the week is finally here!! If it's not obvious already, I'm referring to Waifu Wednesdays!! (Oh how I miss saying that!)
And what better way to start us off than showing the reason why we have waifus in the first place! Our first week is dedicated to our one true waifu, @aimebolanos presents us with our first theme, {WW} Ultimate Edition!
And if you've seen my past cards then you may already know who my #1 is! If not then here a treat for you! :)
My Ultimate Waifu is none other than The Electric Princess herself also know as Railgun
Misaka Mikoto!!♡
Yeah so as you can see I could stop myself with the pictures of the amazing Misaka Mikoto! She has been my #1 Waifu since I watched the anime when it first came out! She's fought against some opponents to keep her #1 spot but as you can see she's came out victorious every time!

Thanks for checking out my card! Will start a new tag list for {WW} if you like this and don't mind seeing more every Wednesday let me know I'll add you!
Again a big shout out and thanks to the one who is making all this possible to us miss @aimebolanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope y'all join in the fun!
Awww dude I loved this! I can't wait to see more future cards! Im really glad to see you enjoying this! Thanks for doing it😄❤
I don't think I've seen her before, where's she from?
@LuisUmana A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun (Her own spin-off series) I can't believe I forgot to mention that! :O
This is why I'm here lol pumped to get this back rolling!! @AimeBolanos