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You can easily fall in love at first sight while buying your dream home. But you may be troubled if you allow your emotions to flow freely. You should be starting with making a list of points that matter the most. In this post we’ll discuss some of them:


There are many homes in Salt Lake Utah County, but you should start with searching for a suitable location. The house may be slightly less than what you have dreamt of; it might not have the best yard. But if the location of the home is valuable & it is in a nice neighborhood, then you should certainly give it a hard look. No matter in which way the market moves, a great location will always going to be an asset. You can change the looks of a house, but you certainly can’t change the bad location into a great one.


How many rooms are you looking for? Depending on the size of the family you may look for three, four or more rooms as well.

Master Bed Room
You may be looking for a master bedroom for yourself. How big should it be? Do you want to keep a sofa in it as well? You’ll have to find out.
Living Room
It may be the room or lounge from where people may enter into your home. Again, the size, ventilation and many other things have to be looked into.
Besides other family members might want a room for them as well, so it is very crucial that you tell the agent clearly about the number of rooms you want.


How many baths do you want? Do you want to have a bathroom in every room? What should be its size and should it have Jacuzzi as well? Most of the dream homes these days have large enough baths to accommodate a large enough bathtub. And many might have indoor swimming pools as well. So be ready to shell more to get the dream home.

4-Facilities Nearby

You may be planning to live with family so following facilities might be very important to you:
School-You may need it if you have younger kids.
Market-Just drives around and how far is the closest market?


There are many homes for sale in salt lake county, but you have to find the most suitable one, keeping in mind these points.