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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by hxshidan; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Chapter Summary:
The proper start to yours and V's lives as parents... How fun.

Gunshot Wound

by hxshidan

Chapter 15: Joyful Eyes

You hissed in pain as you tried to sit up, and you noticed V’s hands on your shoulders as he made you lie back down. “Don’t do that… Please,” he whispered, before closing his eyes. You could see the worry present on his face which had obviously been building up for hours by the point. “You’ve been hurting yourself enough over the past few weeks without saying a word, I don’t want you to hurt any more…”

After that, the sound of crying echoed around the room, and you turned your head and noticed that it wasn’t your daughter crying… No, it was Yoosung as he held onto her. “God… Why are babies so little? And so cute?!” He was holding onto her carefully, and you could just about see her hand reaching up to grab hold of him. It was cute… You could imagine Yoosung as a good father – that is if he ever got a girlfriend.

After that, V ran his hand through your hair for a moment, before turning to Yoosung to get him to calm down. During this, Rika was still stood near you, blinking slowly as she looked closely at you. Once your own eyes moved off Yoosung, you noticed his cousin’s presence properly. She seemed somewhat lost, nothing like she had done when she was acting as the ‘Saviour’ of Mint Eye. Back then, she perfectly fitted your definition of psychotic.

“What are you doing here?” You mumbled quietly, doing your best to hold yourself back from doing two things. One was sitting up, and the other was getting angry at her. “I thought that you weren’t allowed to leave your apartment…” After her return to the country, that had been one of the restraints placed upon her by her therapists. So why was she here?

Rika’s eyes met yours then, before she shied away somewhat. “I… want to say sorry…” She slowly lifted her hand up and pointed at V, and then at Yoosung. “I could leave with Yoosung… I’m allowed to do that…” You remained quiet after she had spoken then, and looked away from Rika. Sure, you weren’t exactly happy with her presence, but if she wasn’t doing anything, you could ignore her somewhat. After what she had done to V, you still couldn’t exactly forgive her, after all. He was still in the process of recovery, still having mild breakdowns because of what she had done.

Slowly, you then tugged at V’s arm, and waited for him to turn to face you. Once you had his attention, you mouthed ‘Nari’ to him, and pouted. He understood what you meant, because moments later he ended up persuading Yoosung to let go of the baby to pass her over to you. Carefully, you lay her down on you, and kissed the top of her head. You loved your daughter so much. Her little tufts of turquoise hair made her look just adorable, and reminded you so much of V. A hope which you had was that she would end up just as wonderful as him too.

Silence lingered for quite a while, and you watched as Nari ended up falling asleep on you during this time. It was only once she had fell asleep that Yoosung began to speak. “Hey, uh… Why didn’t you tell anyone that you were in pain? Everyone was really worried when V said that something bad had happened, you know.”

It took a moment for you to come up with a response to that. “I just… thought it was what normally happens when pregnant… So I never thought to bring it up,” you whispered, before sighing. “I never realised that there was a huge build-up of pressure right where I got shot, or that it would start bleeding when the pressure was gone…” After that, you gave V a solemn look. “I’m sorry for scaring you, Jihyun.”

V sighed, and took hold of your hand with a small smile on his face. “Don’t worry. As long as I know that you’re here with me and Nari, there isn’t any need to apologise.”

After a few minutes, Rika ended up speaking again. “She’s… cute,” she began, reaching her hand out towards Nari before withdrawing it just as quickly. “Can… I touch her?” After that, she noticed the way in which you protectively embraced Nari, before giving V a worried glance.

“You can hold her hand… That’s it,” he stated, his eyes showing signs of concern too. Both of you couldn’t bring yourselves around into letting Rika hold onto her. Neither of you knew what Rika’s mental state was like, so you didn’t know if she would bring harm around to your daughter.

With a very small smile on her face, Rika stretched her hand out, and took hold of the sleeping baby’s hand. Her thumb was bigger than the palm of Nari’s hand, and it made the baby feel even smaller in your arms. Surprisingly, Nari’s tiny fingers then went and wrapped around Rika’s thumb, and the blonde’s eyes grew wide in what seemed to be awe. “You’re so lucky…” She was smiling then, and you actually could see why the other RFA members looked up to her before she disappeared to form Mint Eye. Moments later, she looked up at V, her eyes seemingly shining. “Jihyun… You’ve got a wonderful wife and daughter… I’m happy for you.”

“That’s it! As soon as I get a girlfriend, I want to have a baby! Gah, this is just too cute!” Three pairs of eyes fell to Yoosung then, and he just blinked at you all. “What?”

Yoosung★: She’s fine, thankfully!

ZEN: She is?! Good… I wasn’t online when the messages about what had happened were posted, but I was really worried when I read them!

Saeyoung: Yay~ Everyone’s all good now~

Rika: Yes...

Yoosung★: And their daughter... So adorable!!!

Rika: Yes... Nari… She’s so cute and so pure…

Yoosung★: I agree!

Yoosung★: And I still don’t believe that they let you hold Nari’s hand, Rika!

Rika: Yes… Neither of them like me much, do they?

ZEN: Woah, you were able to touch her?!

ZEN: They didn’t even let me touch her when I visited their apartment the other day!

Saeyoung: Because you had literally been smoking minutes before? lololol

ZEN: -_-

Rika: Zen… Smoking is bad…

ZEN: I know, I know! I am trying to quit, you know;;

Yoosung★: Either way… That visit really makes me want to get a girlfriend!

Rika: Yoosung… You can’t get a girlfriend just for babies…

ZEN: Woah woah woah.

Saeyoung: Yoosung, you… YOU DO KNOW HOW BABIES HAPPEN, RIGHT?!

Yoosung★: Obviously!

ZEN: Then how?

Yoosung★: You fall in love… And then it happens?...

Rika: ... You two… Stop being mean to him…

-Rika has left the chatroom-

Saeyoung: lololol

ZEN: Yoosung… So innocent.

Saeyoung: You do know that if you want a baby, you gotta have sex, right? Lololololol

-Yoosung★has left the chatroom-

“Ignore the messenger…” V whispered as he hugged you in bed, seeming as you had thankfully been allowed to leave the hospital the same day that you had woke up. “I want you to relax, okay? Nari is asleep, so we can actually just stay with each other and make the most of this moment.” His hand then moved to rest on your cheek, before he kissed you gently. You smiled against his lips afterwards, before pressing your forehead against his.

Before you got the chance to say anything to V, your phone began to ring. The ringtone indicated that it was Yoosung... It was bad enough having your phone go off constantly because of the messenger, but now getting calls? V kept his arms around you, meaning that it wasn’t possible to actually answer the call.

“Whoever it is can wait, my love,” he muttered, before nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “Just you and me, cuddling in our bed without anyone except Nari disturbing us…” After that, his leg was over yours, meaning that you were well and truly caught in his embrace. It wasn’t as though you minded, you… quite liked the clinginess, considering that you had gone for months without these really tight hugs.

Seeming as you had the chance, considering the way that he was holding onto you, you placed a kiss against his neck. You felt his cheek heat up against your own neck, before he went and ‘returned the favour’. “Don’t tempt me…”

You pulled your head back, before smirking. “I don’t know what you’re talking-” Crying from the other side of the room suddenly disturbed you mid-sentence. “About…”

Suddenly, your phone began to ring again, and V sighed deeply, a look of pure disappointment on his face. “I’ll try and quieten Nari… You answer the call…”

“Ha… I guess this is the start of our lives as parents now, isn’t it?...”

“I guess so…”

To be continued...
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