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1. Who was your first Kpop group?
Unofficially: Shinhwa. Officially: DB5K
2. Who was your first bias?
Kim Junsu (Xia)
3. What was the last Kpop song you listened to? Sorry by Standing Egg
4. If you could join any group, which would it be? Kard. Or F(x). Or H.U.B. Bc being with girly girls is not something I can do 24/7.
5. What's your guilty pleasure Kpop song?
Guilty as in naughty? Body Talk by AOORA.
6. What's a group you weren't into at first and then loved?
two actually: Pentagon, and The Rose.
7. Who is your current bias?
8. Who is your bias wrecker?
it changes occasionally, but right now it's Jimin of BTS
9. Have you ever bought merch or a CD? If yes, what was your first item?
yes! oh boy.... uh.... Love Rain OST...
10. Boy groups or girl groups?
oh wow... ummm depends. I like a genre and feel... I dont care for cutesy cutesy pop. I like hip hop, rock, some R&B and Ballads, and hard hitting lyrics. Doesn't matter what gender.
11. Who is your Kpop role model?
12. If you were an idol, what would your position be? Vocalist.
13. What song always cheers you up?
14. If you could only see one group live, who would it be?
15. If you could ask your bias one question, what would it be?
How do you do it? succeed without caving in? after seeing people around you and close to you crumble and fall... where do you get your strength ?
16. What Kpop song do your non-Kpop friends like? Aquaman by Jay Park, Just Right by Got7.
17. Do you know any Kpop choreography?
Yes! every chance I get. First ones I learned was Taeyang: Prayer and TVXQ: Before U Go.
18. Who do you think is an underrated Kpop group? Just one???? UNIQ, HUB, HOTSHOT, 24K...
19. Would you ever audition?
maybe if I was younger and less caucasian, lol.
20. If you weren't listening to Kpop, what would you be listening to?
Classic Rock, Indie, Folk, Smooth R&B, Post-edm.

wellll.... that's me. tag me if you do this too. I'd love to see your answers!

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@kpopandkimchi yasssssss I wish they could be 5 again but I still love tvx2 and JYJ.