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Namjoon's POV

The blunt remarks hit home. Nothing slipped his mind, a no nonsense type of guy that's who he was.

Apart from being the leader he was also the eldest, which he took in consideration on every mission he assigned us to carry out. If it was too dangerous and risky he would go ahead and take it upon himself to do it all on his own. This only caused arguments among us once we found out, but it only make him more discreet.

The more thought I invest in It, the more I came to realize he hasn't changed. Even though he wanted nothing to do with us as a 'gang', he had no problem coming to our rescue. Even after he parted from the gang, because we were more than just a group of unwanted souls, we were family.

The way he carried himself nowadays only demonstrated how hard he tried to bury his past. Personally I wouldn't blame him, he'd dealt with a rough past and we are just another chapters he's been meaning to end.

Jin, he knew the reason why I went to him for help instead of dealing with it on my own. Now even though he didn't give me a straight answer I know he will soften up and help me like he's done before.

Having no time to waste, I planned on calling the guys on my way back to Y/N's apartament. I had to be there incase she showed up unannounced, or at least that's what I hoped for.

'Where are you...Y/N'. I asked myself feeling a knot on my throat. I ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated from my own suppressed feelings, but my chances with her are zero and that's how it should stay. She deserves the best, not someone like me that can't offer her the luxuries she's lived with her entire life.

*Ring Ring*

'Shit! Please don't tell me is Mr. Jung'. I mumbled under my breath. 'what will I say?.... sorry I don't have your daughter. This man will murder me and my team if I disappoint him'. All these worried kicking me at the moment, but I refused to give up.

Looking for an empty space, I pull over almost a block away from Y/N's apartament.

"Hello...", I answered after the third consecutive ring.

A voice immediately picked up, on the other end of the line.

"Namjoon, any news on that brat of yours"

He questioned, almost mocking my misery at this point.

"No, nothing but I'm glad it's you who's calling."

"Well, if I'd knew you'd miss me this much haha"

I rolled my eyes, pressing on the bridge of my nose.

"This is no time for jokes, I'm on edge here."

"Okay okay I get it. Do you have any idea where she could be"

"If I did, I wouldn't be asking for help"

I answered sarcastically.

"I'm only trying to help. I have no clue as to what she looks like, so you shouldn't be talking to me in such manner"

He replied asserting dominance of the situation.

I sighed, mentally face-palming myself. He's right without a picture or description of Y/N how could I expect him to know who too look for.

"You have a point sorry, I'll send you a photo once I get home"

I added before ending the call.


I opened the door, all the stress and  frustration had left me drained. I kicked off my right shoe then the left, letting them both land on the entrance of the apartment.

Relieved to get out of that 'monkey suite' Y/N and I both hated, 'although I'll never admit that to her', I walked to the couch scrolling through the very few pictures I had of Y/N, all very beautiful of course.

After scrolling over twenty pictures, I've found the perfect one. A picture of Y/N she had taken herself.

I still remember the day she took it.

We went out for a stroll, she'd notice I was paying attention more to my phone than her going on about her judgement leeches she called friends. But that's not the case.

I was waiting for a very important call. A call from Y/N's father.

She grew impatient after telling to get off my phone for the third time and as I was ready to put it inside my pocket she ran. Snatching the phone from my hand, leaving me speechless from how fast she ran. I went after her. 'what a day'. I couldn't find her anywhere after she took off and took a turn around the corner.

It was fun until I seriously thought I had lost her. Phrantic, i had no idea where to start looking.

Turns out she had gone into the store to buy herself a soda.

Later that day I got the call, as expected it was her father. Once our conversation was over I noticed my camera had been used.

I layed on my bed that night admiring the picture she had taken. I had decided to keep it, Falling asleep with a huge smile across my face.

I was relieved then, but it looks like I'm in the same situation but this time I can't find her anywhere.


Jin's POV

My phone lit up.

'it must be the photo'. I opened my phone to a picture of a pretty girl with a cute smile. A natural beauty. No wonder he's desperately trying to find her.

She must be worth a fortune.

Wait a minute...

I frown my eyebrows, the pretty girl looked familiar. Wanting to get a better look I went inside, I had to make sure my eyes weren't seeing things, after all I was tired from a long shift I had to work.

Could it possibly be.




I walked closer to the side, bit by bit until I was looking right at her. I had to admit this was creepy in a sense. No one want to be watched by a stranger as they sleep.

My eyes widen, it's her. The pretty girl he's been looking for. 'What are the chances' I smirked.

I should call Namjoon, but I also have to know why she's in the state she is right now.

Who was she running from or why?.

Ready to call, I pulled out his name in my contacts, but something held me back from calling. A feeling deep down told to seek for answers.

Why would a rich brat run away?...

Lost in my inner thoughts, she began to move. 'ohh..no', I held my breath and stepped back until I reached the door. If she catches me she will definitely want to runaway and will most definitely get lost out there.

I was finally able to breath. 'That was close', I thought as I closed the door to my room.

I should let pretty face over there get some rest.
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