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Hello ARMY Fam :)

Mariah here, for a Jin Wednesday! (I apologize that its late)
Update: Looking at it, I'm honestly proud of the way I made this look dbsjs
This week the team has decided to make a theme dedicated to nicknames that the members have. ^^

I was able to find a few. (〜^∇^)〜 And Ill be adding ones I already knew and ones that I call him personally. :)

Lets get on with it! ^^

♡ 1. Jinnie ♡


Jin once stated that if they were to have different stage names, he would want to use 'Jinnie'. :) I personally call him this at times as well. ^^

♡ 2. Pink Princess ♡


This nickname I believe was given to him because of his love for the color pink. (I honestly dont blame him light pink is (surprisingly) my favorite color)

♡ 3. Eomma/Mom ♡


I personally dont call him this anymore, but Im including it since its still a thing. ^^; This name was given to Jin because of his "motherly" acts. He cooks for the members, takes care of them as if they were his own, and loves each member unconditionally. ♡

♡ 4. (Mr.) Worldwide Handsome ♡


♡ 5. Third One From The Left ♡


I sometimes call him this when I see him completely wrecking me with his visuals. ;-; He's handsome and hes quite aware. XD This name was given to him May of 2017 at the Billboard Music Awards. Many people noticed him from a group red carpet picture, and he was deemed handsome worldwide. :)
I mean...

♡ 6. Golden Jin ♡


Jin was given this name when he had bleached his hair for the Fire Era. :) It looks so good on him, and it really fits :")

♡ 7. Pig ♡


Im pretty sure this one was just for laughs. But since he does eat a lot, and loves to eat as well, his manager called him 'Pig' for a little while. :'(
hes fucking adorable when he eats dont fite me on this

♡ 8. Car Door Man ♡


Jin got this when, at a Melon awards, he was the first one to get out of the car, thus, opening the door. Everyone was baffled by his good looks. :") (you go Jin)

♡ 9. 어색하진 (Eosaekhajin) ♡


I didnt know about this one, but it's basically Jin + 어색하다 (eo-saek-ha-da), which means "awkward", fans gave him this nickname cause he looks awkward when doing stuff, and specially when dancing.
asgjkl hes excellent at dancing.
...but I will admit hes kind of awkward
i FiNd It AdOrAbLe FiTe Me

♡ 10. Shoulders ♡


....I honestly always call him this... Its been his name in my gallery for the longest time. (Im still building up my gallery adgjkl I need to stock up on Hobi and Namjoon :")
I swear if someone gets on me for the names I put for them Im gonna pounce (¬_¬)ノ
But yes, you guessed it, he was given this name because of his wide shoulders. ♡.♡

And that was it for this card! I hope it gave new ARMY, or anyone who didnt know these names, a good take on it. :)

Look forward to the rest of this weeks theme. ^^

Bye Loves~

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i know this is about jin but "Agust dick" 👀also jiiiinn😍
asghkl it was the first thing I thought of