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@kpopandkimchi did this so I figured I'd try it too! Thanks for sharing yours Kimchi!
1. Who was your first Kpop group?
SS501 but EXO was what brought me into the fandom.
2. Who was your first bias?
Sehun of EXO.
3. What was the last Kpop song you listened to?
No More by Infinite.
4. If you could join any group, which would it be?
Hmm probably Red Velvet.
5. What's your guilty pleasure Kpop song?
"Can You Feel It" - Super Junior D&E
6. What's a group you weren't into at first and then loved?
VIXX and Pentagon...and those two are my top two now...XD
7. Who is your current bias?
Jinho of Pentagon.
8. Who is your bias wrecker?
Hakyeon of VIXX.
9. Have you ever bought merch or a CD? If yes, what was your first item?
Yes, VIXX's "Chained Up" album was my first I believe.
10. Boy groups or girl groups?
Boy groups. I'm not into too many girl groups yet.
11. Who is your Kpop role model?
I have two. Hakyeon because he's such a good leader and Jinho because of how long he trained without giving up.
12. If you were an idol, what would your position be?
Umm well I can't sing or rap so I guess my best bet would be the dancer position.
13. What song always cheers you up?
Pretty much any song by my top 5 groups (Pentagon, VIXX, NCT, Day6, and BTS.)
14. If you could only see one group live, who would it be?
Pentagon because I haven't seen them yet. I'd love to see VIXX and NCT again though.
15. If you could ask your bias one question, what would it be?
How do you not just give up whenever things get hard? Things for a kpop idol seem so hard?
16. What Kpop song do your non-Kpop friends like?
My friend likes Got7's "Just Right" and my sister likes Lim Kim's "Awoo."
17. Do you know any Kpop choreography?
I know a little of "Can You Feel It" - Super Junior D&E and "Likey" - Twice.
18. Who do you think is an underrated Kpop group?
How does one choose? I'd say Madtown, Hotshot, Imfact, Victon, Purfles, Nu'est, Masc, Up10tion, 24K, and Halo. (Plus more but I'll stop here.)
19. Would you ever audition?
Maybe if I was younger (I'm 22 and that seems old to debut as an idol nowadays) and more talented. As of now I wouldn't I'm too lazy. XD
20. If you weren't listening to Kpop, what would you be listening to?
J-pop, J-rock, pop, hip-hop, and r&b.

Hope you enjoyed!
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omg ss501 you're bringing me BACK!
Haha I got into them around the time Love Like This came out. My sister and I jammed to that song. I didn’t know it was kpop at the time though. 😂