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I think what they did was very tasteful and really focused on Jonghyun's light and comforting those who might feel the same way.

All the quotes were basically all the times Jonghyun talked about feelign sad but knowing that he wasn't alone and that he would always be there for people who are suffering in the same way he was. It was all about hope.

Then Lee Hi performed her some 'Breathe' which is also a similar theme, only she had to stop in the second verse because she started crying. The crowd cheered her on and she was able to finish the chorus.

He is truly missed but I'm so happy to see him celebrated not just because of his fame, but because of his heart.

I haven’t watched the awards but just seeing this post made me cry 😢 Breathe is probably my favorite song by Lee Hi and I haven’t listened to it since Jonghyun’s passing 😢 idk if I can even watch the video.
I cry after watching 3 mvs still, I have always loved i mean love his voice. My heart still feels so heavy seeing him 😢😢😢 watching this made me cry so much, and seeing Taeyeon cry again she's my Ultimate Girl Bias😢😢😢
oh yeah I saw the video😭🙏🙏 I miss him so much and I'm happy that people are doing this for him
It really hurt hearing that song again after jonghyun's passing and seeing how she was alone on stage .... it just made me breakdown