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Ready to take on the world (or really, to just have Hongbin beat them singlehandedly amirite?!)

BTOB's Eunkwang just announced via Twitter that himself, VIXX's Ken, BTS' Jin, and BAP's Youngjae are starting a 'game family' that will game together and I guess compete??? There are rumors that Wanna One's Park Jihoon will join too ;)
They're called...get ready for this... THE STRONGEST IDOLS (lmao what? are they five years old!? hahahahhahhaha)
As you probably know, professional gaming is huge all over the world but in Korea its a whole 'nother level.

I can't wait to see who challenges these guys hahahha

Hehe this is gonna be good
me: ew..I hate video games *idols start gaming family* me: *plays random games* OOHH SHIT~ PEWPEWPEW PRWE (jkjk)
Apparently Eunkwang recently gave his number (which was written on a tissue lol) to Mino from Winner. I wonder if it's because he's trying to recruit more members for this gaming group haha
Omo!!! Sounds exciting. I personally don't play video games, but I will fully support this new team of idols!! Fighting!!
Youngjae is the leader of He talked about it a while back.
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