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Min Yoongi goes by many names.

This week, the Bangtan's ARMY Team decided to do member nicknames!

So, let's begin!


This is, of course, his most common name as it is his stage name. He was given this name by Big Hit's CEO, Bang Si Hyuk for his sweet face.

Yoongi himself liked it because it was a play on words for "Shooting Guard" which is the position he prefers in basketball. It also contradicts how he appears on stage.


Yoongi debuted under this name in 2016 with his solo mixtape "Agust D". This name is a combination of his stage name "Suga" spelt backwards and the initials, DT, for his hometown "Daegu Town".


This name, given to him by ARMY, is a combination of his surname, Min, and his stage name, Suga.


PD stands for producer so this name is in reference to his producing skills.


This name came from Bang Si Hyuk as well, in a way, when he said this: "To Suga, Rebel, old young, genius. Because of you BTS can be BTS...... " Then Yoongi and the rest of the members started calling him this as well. This is in reference to his producing skills as well as his view on the world.


This name has a couple different meanings. "D" stands for his hometown, Daegu. "D-Boy" is also a name for someone who brings in a lot of cash, “Dough Boy”.


“Motionless Min” refers to his lack of movement on his time off. Whenever he has the chance, Yoongi will rest and most likely fall asleep. He has said that he once slept for 20 hours straight.


This is a funny tongue twister that the members “Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bong Bong” translates to “Min Suga Genius is the best and crazy stressed.”


This nickname refers to his wisdom, lack of enthusiasm and his “grandpa” fashion choices.


This nickname comes from Twitter where he often signs off with the sobbing noise “슙슙”.

Hello lovely ARMY!!

Anthony here with another Suga Thursday card!

I hope you all enjoyed this card!
I made all the gifs and pictures.
I also tried something new with my layout.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!!

I am back on Vingle!
I'm sorry I disappeared without saying anything... I got very overwhelmed with overtime and family over the holidays. But now, I am finally back to having some free time!

What did you all do for the holidays?!

See you next week for more Suga Thursday's!!
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