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Romance Anime's!

Yes Yes I know we've already done this but since it's coming around to be Valentines and the month of love why not!


This one has a catch to it!

You have to watch a Romance Animes you


Ok I know you're confused so let me explain.

You can watch any Romance Anime you like but also tell us why you didn't like it.


Nana is one of my favorite Anime's

I love story line and how everything plays out even the design development (face features and expressions) but there is something I hate about this anime. The one thing I hate and shocking I hate this character with a passion, His name is Takumi and he is the lead guitarist in a band called Trapness, when you see him he looks like he could be a nice guy DON'T BE FOOLED! HE'S A FUCKING WOMANIZER! He will do anything to get a cute girl to go in bed with him (wink wink) and the way how he treats one of them (Nana Komatsu) is what really pisses me off

Ok I know that was harsh

But with this you can do anything, share with what you like about the Anime but what is one thing that really irriates you about the show.

You can pick: The Animation, The Storyline, A Character, Anything as long as it sticks with the guidelines.

I hope you're excited for this as much as I am.

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i loved toradora until the end, felt like the romance was all garbage when she decided to leave, but I guess it makes sense in the light novel so I'll have to read those some day. Tsukigakirei was very beautiful, probably my new favorite. Going to see A Silent Voice next week, really excited about that one. plastic memories was good. Charlotte felt like a hidden gem. Loved Clannad and after story. Honestly ive seen so many that I dont think I have one that I hate. Lastly Re:Life is the only romance that I've actually started to read since the anime is finishing up this March. really sad about that :'(
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Lol it’s ok this was good enough! @Spinoguy