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Hello again vinglers,
apparently I got some time on my hands because I stumbled across some more artwork on facebook. This art found while browsing through a post by the "Bored Panda" facebook page. This post displayed a french concept artist, who lives in Toulouse, Slyvain Sarrailh's work (Hidreley). Much of Sarrailh's, or Tohad's, work involves crossovers of various copyrighted materials; his art can be characteristic of drawing humorous potentials while others are just bizarre.

I find the Attack on Titan's Colossus satirically mix the green giant to be a humorous. Mixing the Chihiro from spirited away with ghostbusters is just bad ass, but if you notice Chihiro's manly expression it also becomes quite humorous.

As you can see by the watermarks these pictures are available on (Spyed). After viewing Sarrailh's work, these pictures appear to be some of his best as most of his works involve blood or some other perversions (Spyed). If one is into that then can view his works on (Spyed).
Thanks for your time,

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