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[트와이스 캔디팝 뮤비해석] 쯔위만 소녀에게 캔디를 선물한 소름돋는 이유!? 캔디팝 Candy Pop 궁예 MV Theory

[트와이스 캔디팝 뮤비해석] 쯔위만 소녀에게 캔디를 선물한 소름돋는 이유!? 캔디팝 Candy Pop 궁예 MV Theory
추워서 소름 돋았네
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How do you make a candle wreath ring?
First, you need to find a wreath ring. I found mine at the dollar store. Then, you will need some candle rings. I used these ones from Amazon. Next, you will need to cut your candles down to size. The bottom of the candle should be about 2 inches from the bottom of your mason jar. I found that it was easiest to cut the candles in half, and then trim them down a bit more so they fit perfectly into my jars. Next, you will need to fill your mason jars with water. You want the water to be about 1 inch from the top of the jar. I found that it was easiest to use a funnel and fill each jar individually. Once you have filled your jars, place the lids on top and screw the bands on tight. You want to make sure that they are very tight because this will ensure that no water will leak out of the jars. Place your jars in the canner and bring the water to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, you will want to let it boil for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let your jars sit in the hot water for an additional 5 minutes. Remove the jars from the canner and let them cool on a towel or cooling rack. Once your jars are completely cooled, you will want to check that they are sealed properly. Press down on the center of each lid. If it pops up and down, it didn’t seal. You can either put the jar in the fridge and use it first or reprocess the jar using a new lid. You will also want to check that your jars are sealed by removing the ring and lifting the jar by the lid. If it stays put, it’s sealed. You can store your jam in a cool, dark place for up to one year. And there you have it! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Know more Happy jamming!
The Best Places to Promote Your YouTube Channel Are Forums
People have concerns. They also require responses to these inquiries. They, too, have passions. They wish to share them with those who are interested in them. Fortunately, the Internet has some unique places for all of those people. Forums are what they're called. Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow are just a few of the numerous free internet sites where you can advertise your YouTube videos and channel. This is how it works in a nutshell: When users discuss something, you join in the conversation, speak with them, and share a link to your YouTube channel. After all, doesn't marketing have to be conversational? Begin by compiling a list of popular threads related to your niche. Check to see if you have any YouTube material related to these topics that you might promote. If you don't have any, make some. Join the discussion and let others know that you've created a YouTube video on the subject. The Best Old-School Techniques for Promoting YouTube Videos YouTube has been active for over fifteen years, and video artists have exploded on the platform. As a result, they devised some unique promotion strategies that appear to be effective even today while promoting free YouTube films. Here's a quick rundown: 1. Collaborations on YouTube Collaborations on YouTube are a simple notion. YouTuber A contacts YouTuber B, and the two decide to collaborate on two separate videos, one for YouTuber A's channel and the other for YouTuber B's. This is referred to as cross-promotion. It's been around since the birth of YouTube, with many of the earliest YouTubers, such as Justine Ezarik and Shane Dawson, being the first to introduce it. So, if you want to promote your YouTube channel to a relevant audience, you must first discover a YouTuber with a similar niche to yours – of course, you don't want to send an email to a superstar because you must start small in this business. Send a smaller YouTuber an Instagram direct message or a casual, pleasant email. Pitch your idea to them and see where it goes from there. 2. Giveaways and contests To be perfectly honest, this is referred to as bribery, because you are essentially offering your audience a bonus in exchange for subscribing to your channel. And it just so happens to be a present. However, it's still one of the most effective strategies for individuals and organisations looking to grow their fan base. It's not only on YouTube, either. Contests and freebies abound on Instagram and other social media platforms. And they look to be one of the most efficient ways to promote yourself. To participate in a giveaway contest, ask your audience for a subscription and a like on your video. You won't believe how powerful this will be. 3. Hashtags on YouTube Hashtags on YouTube were only recently added. Actually, it was in 2016. The goal was to improve the viewing experience while also assisting artists in making their films more discoverable. Despite the fact that they aren't widely used and authors dislike them, viewers appear to be using them. We've grown so accustomed to seeing hashtags on social media that we intuitively want to click them. Make your title topic-specific by include a hashtag. It may sound antiquated (like Twitter in 2009), but it is free and produces results. 4. Establish power and establish relationships. At the end of the day, you want to be known as an expert in your field. Because you'll be able to grow an audience, market your services, and promote your YouTube channel, videos, and content for free and without having to lift a finger if you do it this way. People will keep checking what you've published, visit your channel, subscribe organically, and wait for you to provide more content once you've established yourself as an authority. However, in order to become an authority, you must have a comprehensive set of materials. Sure, a channel is a fantastic idea, but you'll also need to start a blog, write articles, and network with other experts in your field. You can then request that they include your video in one of their blog posts, share it on social media, or even give you a free shoutout. However, remember the YouTube golden rule. That is... Finally, create awesome content. It's not rocket science to succeed on YouTube, and it usually boils down to producing high-quality, useful video. If your content isn't good enough, promoting your YouTube videos won't help you because you'll just end up with a pool of uninterested viewers who won't subscribe to your channel or return for more. Concentrate first on creating high-quality material, then on how to advertise your channel. Keep your audience in mind, make them pleased, and who knows, maybe they'll take the reins and help you promote your show. Crossing my fingers!
(후기) 그랜드민트페스티벌, 꿈같던 순간 *_*
GMF. 그랜드민트페스티벌. 10년을 훌쩍 넘기면서 어느새 명실상부하게 우리나라를 대표하는 음악 페스티벌이 되었지요. 그렇다면 GMF를 대표하는 밴드는 뭐다? 그랜드민트페스티벌 12년 개근에 빛나는 밴드 PEPPERTONES... 그렇죠 페퍼톤스죠! 그랜드민트페스티벌이 있어서 페퍼톤스가 있고 페퍼톤스가 있어서... (말 줄임표) 그러므로 저 역시 올해도 어김없이 GMF를 다녀 왔습니다!! 신나!!! 페퍼톤스가 개근을 했듯 저도 서울 상경 이후로는 개근 중이거든요. 가을의 끝을 알리는 신호탄이 내게는 바로 GMF니까. GMF 안가면 가을이 언제 오고 갔는지도 몰겄어유... 노을 지는 기가 막힌 타이밍이 페퍼톤스의 공연 시간! 이 시간에 공연할 때가 제일 기부니가 좋아요. 그렇잖아도 반짝이는 순간들이 햇살 덕에 더욱 반짝반짝 하그등요 *_* 아니 근데 리허설하러 등장하자마자 여기저기서 웅성웅성 뭔 일 났나요...? 오늘 무슨 일 있냐 뭔 일 난거 아니냐 세상에 이게 진짜 무슨 일이야 는 펩톤이 머리도 하고 옷고 곱게 입고 왔기 때문이라고 한다.mp4 뭐예요 뭐예요 셔츠만 입어도 우리는 눈이 휘둥그레 지는데, 아니 세상에 머리도 하고 옷도 단정하고 바지는 또 저게 뭐예요 저런 핏의 바지를 입다니 내가 아는 이장원 맞아요? 오... 오빠...? 놀라움은 이게 끝이 아니었다 세상에 평 노래 어쩜 이렇게 늘었어요? CD 틀어 놓은 줄... 아... 동영상을 차례대로 넣고 싶었는데 넣고 나니 순서 변경이 힘들어서 귀찮으니까 그냥 뒤죽박죽으로 갈게요! "GMF 덕분에 페퍼톤스가 있고, 페퍼톤스 덕분에...(말 줄임표)" "GMF의 공기같은 존재, 없을 때만 소중함을 알 수 있는, 영생불멸의... 페퍼톤스" "행운을 빌어요" (이거 본 사람들 모두 행운이 가득하길) "세상은 넓고 노래는 정말 아름다운 것 같아- 인생은 길고 날씨 참 좋구나!" 연주 중간 중간 평이 자꾸 '아 좋다-'를 말하는게 (입모양으로) 보였는데, 이 영상에 찍혔길래 영상을 보며 유레카를 외쳤습니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 평은 찍기가 애매한 위치여서 거의 찍을 수가 없었는데 딱 그 순간이 찍혀서 어찌나 다행인지, 또 명왕성 어딨는지 모르겠다는 우리를 보며 씨익 웃는 쟝은 얼마나 귀여운지... 하... 행복 바이러스라는게 있다면 아마 여기 다 있을 거예요. 순간 순간이 빛이 나더라. GMF의 테마곡이나 마찬가지인 뉴히피제너레이션! "10년이면 강산이 변한다는데 10년이 지나니 비행기 대신 드론이 날고 있네요" '행운을 빌어요'를 비교적 최근 곡이라고 소개하는 것까지 귀여워... 오빠들 노래 진짜 늘었다... 맨 처음 오픈런 나왔을 때 '세수도 안한 앨범'이라는 인터뷰에 '그래도 세수는 하지 그랬어요...' 라고 생각했더랬는데 그 때 음원보다 지금 훨씬 잘 부르네! 더불어 평의 피리는 언제 봐도 아름다운 장면 ㅜ.ㅜ 올해도 꿈같은 순간들을 선사해 줬음에 감사, 앞으로도 계속 행복한 순간들을 함께 나눌 수 있기를!
How much are the candles with the rings in them?
Experience the excitement of uncovering a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry from within each of our handcrafted products. You can rest assured that you are getting high-quality, earth-friendly products! Each candle is a soy wax blend that is hand-poured into a reusable jar with a cotton wick or wood wick. Every bath bomb has moisturizing coconut and apricot kernel oil-infused to leave your skin feeling silky soft. All of our Body Products are plant-based and ready to benefit your skin! Jewel Within is the best gift to give as it's fun to give and exciting to receive. Uncover your surprise! 100% Natural Wax; Coconut + Soy candles are known to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety. Our organic scented candle's uniquely blended fragrance soothes you after a long and tiring day. We hand-pour all our products; a process that sets us apart from our competitors and ensures a delicate finish and the highest quality result.  Green bamboo balances grapefruit, violet petals, and green accord with a subtle base of soft musk for a finish as crisp as the calm air after a cleansing sunshower.  A heavenly meadow- this calming scent blended with notes of lavender, Sicilian lemon, and clary sage evokes a peaceful stroll among the purple fields.    Candles with Rings Inside are becoming increasingly popular due to the lovely bonus of finding a ring in your candle. But which are the best ring candles? We’ve reviewed 5 of the best ring candles, that not only provide a variety of different rings and jewelry to choose from. But that also offers delightful scents and fragrances. One of the reasons ring candles are popular is that often you don’t know which specific ring or piece of jewelry you’ll get, so it’s a nice surprise to discover which you have found. This variety appeals to many, however, sometimes the variety might be too much for some and you might find a ring or piece of jewelry you don’t like. There are some ring candle manufacturers that may provide a random ring from a variety, but all these rings will be a similar style and not vary in appearance too much. So bear this in mind when you’re making your ring choices. Often people will forget to make sure that their jewelry candle actually has a ring that fits their finger. Most will have a good range of sizes for most people’s fingers, however, some have more choice of ring size than others. So make sure you buy a ring of the candle a ring the right size that actually can fit your finger! When you’re considering the scent of your candle, bear in mind not only the name on the label but also accompanying fragrances as these can have a big impact. You also want to bear in mind the scent throw of the candle (e.g. how well the candle ‘throw’s off iits scent/how strong the scent is when burning), as people have different preferences for how strong they want their candles to smell.