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Alrighty for the weekend I have a fun short  SSG game for you to play!!
Its a short one that thought you might enjoy!

Congratulations you won a ticket to go to a fan meeting for B.A.P!!! Its a small gathering this time around and you'll have the opportunity to go up to meet the guys!

So what do you wear?

Great choice!!! Your look hot and feeling excited as you make your way to the fan meeting.

You've made it through half the fan meeting and now with a bunch of others you get to go up on stage and meet the guys!!!

What Album will you have them sign??

What will you give your bias?

Who will hand you a shirt as commemoration of the fan meeting?

After everyone was done meeting B.A.P and they went off stage with their goodies it was the end of the fan meeting.

I hope you had fun! looking forward to seeing peoples results.

Fam tag! For everything!

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This looks fun 😊