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Awake Chapter 12

Y/N POV As sick as I felt, I didn't want to wake up. But the discomfort the dress caused me said otherwise. My eyes fluttered open to an unfamiliar surrounding. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and gave a good look at myself. "Hmmm... I look like shit".. I groaned, bringing my legs close to my chest. *Knock knock* Someone was knocking on the door, I lifted my head up, "come in" I said in a groggy voice. "Morning, pretty faceโ€”" He cut himself mid-sentence, avoiding to look at me as he tried to hold in his laughter. "I know, I know I look fantastic don't I" I answered with a slight smile. Unable to hold it in, he laughed. A peculiar but unique type of laughter, which only lighten up my mood. "If you say so...now come on, you can take a shower while I make us some breakfast". Leaving me a fresh set of clothes on the edge of the bed. _________ What a relief. To get out of that dress was refreshing. Could I possibly have a fresh start. Maybe not, since I still had to confront my family. Splashing my face with cold water to remove the smudged makeup off my face. 'I can't..not yet'. I couldn't show up after the scene I made. It must be the talk of the century, I can already see it. Unless my father payed to shut a few people from releasing a single word about my wedding disaster. I wouldn't be surprised, he's always kept that perfect family image. *Knock knock* He knocked on the door, bringing me out of my own head. "Hey, is everything okay?", Jin asked worried from the hours long shower I took. "Yea, almost done" I replied, dabbing my face with the towel. ____________ "I was worried you were having some trouble with the clothes" he said placing a plate of pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal, and fresh fruit on the table. "No, they fit just fine" I laughed scratching the back my head. "Well you had me worried, I almost thought you drownโ€” ahah never mind" He clapped his hands together, "Let's eat" smiling from ear to ear. "Wow thanks. You didn't have to, for the clothes, food, and just allowing me to sleep here at least for today" I stammered, as I walked to the table he placed for the both of us. Taking the seat across from his. I couldn't help but notice he's been eyeing me for quite some time. I paid no mind. He took a bite from the pancake, big enough that it puffed this cheeks like a chipmunk. 'How adorable', as he smiled with every bite. I couldn't contain myself from smiling. Placing the back of my hand on my mouth as I chewed. He cleared his throat, "Does your ankle still hurt...are you sure I shouldn't take you to a doctor?" I nodded, "No, most of the pain is gone...there's no need to go that far". Drinking some of the orange juice he poured on my cup. I glanced back at him, it seemed he couldn't take his eyes off me. It made me a bit nervous once I looked back. Handsome indeed and the light shining in from the window only added to it. Creating a silhouette around him, making him look like an angel. "I apologize if this is too intrusive but... Why were you hiding behind the dumpster?", He asked exactly what I was expecting. I sighed having my doubts. He was a stranger, but he did help me out without knowing me nor my name. 'he deserved an answers after all, I wasn't a criminal.' I placed my plate aside, ready to spill 'the tea' like many would say. "My name is Y/N ...and well the reason you saw me hiding was because I ran away from my wedding". Having to say those words brought a displeasing taste to my mouth. "I found out my fiance was cheating. It caught him with another woman. A close friend and I were heading to my favorite restaurant, I happened to notice my fiance. So I refused to go inside the restaurant". Memories of that day, almost made me tear up as I talked about it. "I felt trapped. I didn't know how to break it off, or how to tell my parents. Since my father picked the 'perfect guy', I didn't have much say. I never got the chance to meet and choose a guy who truly loved me. Now that I think about it there were rumors, but I never brought it up thinking they were only rumors." Trusting him was a huge mistake I will forever regret. "The day came. I along with Namjoon, who's not only a close friend of mine but my bodyguard as well planned a special surprise ". He cocked his head to the side with a confused look. "The plan was to expose my fiance for what he did. I was suppose to stay in a place Namjoon had rented, until things settled so I could calmly speak with my parents. But it didn't go well." My throat felt dry, I took another sip of the juice before I continued. "After his vow, I was left speechless. He had a way with words captivating me time after time and this was no exception. I loved him". I cleared my thought as it was getting harder to speak. "I was overwhelmed and angry. Feeling sick to my stomach. All eyes were on me and I...I could take it anymore. Yea... I ran out of the church and didn't look back. That's how I ended up exactly where you found me." I lifted my head to face Jin. He looked at me with pity. "I can only imagine the pain you must be going through. If you want I could contact your friend... bodyguard to let him know your safeโ€”" "No!" I yelled getting up from the table. "He can't know where I am, he'll take me right back to my parents..I just know it" I pleaded , shaking him by the shoulders. "So what do you want me to do..hide you. Don't you think they're worried sick" he tried to reason with me. "I doubt it. The marriage was arranged. It was all for money and power. Especially my mother, I doubt she wants to know where I am. If she did it's only to 'fix' things and get married with that jerk." I detested the thought of my mother siding with him. 'Wasn't this marriage supposed to make me happier, not miserable?'. "That bond that every mother daughter shared never existed between my mother and I. There were days she would treat me like a stranger, as if I wasn't her daughter. We always argue, but it all stopped once the wedding preparations started. It's funny you know" "What is...?" Jin asked, gently taking my hands of his shoulder, placing them between his palms as I sat back down. "There were times I question whether she was really my mother. We were nothing alike..at all" Jin's eyes soften as I told him about my mother. With my hands still between his soft, warm palms. "Okay...Y/N, I'll hide you. Until things start to go back to normal, if they ever do" he replied calmly without breaking eye contact. Making me flustered. Even though he didn't say much, I had spilled more than I needed, but he was willing to listened and so I went on. Chatting for hours until the sun decided to call it a day.
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