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Yoongi's POV ✳Two Days before the wedding✳ I walked back to my office, carrying a stack of papers I had to fill out for this month finances. As much as I tried to focus on the pile in front of me I couldn't, my mind would divert into thoughts of Y/n. Did she rest and eat well? How is she holding off? Is she stressed. There was so much to worry about. I missed that smile, her laughter, and her never-ending rants over what I considered nonsense. She had her ways of making me smile even when I didn't want to. Her gentle nature is what attracted me of all. I'm glad we got along right from the start. I only had Mr. Jung to thank. Getting to know her daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me. They way she carried herself demanded attention, in a good way of coarse. Attention I was willing to give her and more. "Focus Yoongi...Focus" I told myself. Almost everyone had gone home, leaving me and a three other coworkers alone in the building. "Finally", I stretched my tired legs from sitting all day. It didn't matter, I could bear it a bit longer; so I could  leave without worrying of the workload waiting to be done. Soon I'll get a chance to catch up on our date. It's been a while since we've gone out to enjoy the fresh air. We don't even get to call each other like we used to but I'll make it up to her today. With every date something new would come up. More work In the office, which meant i had to stay overnight . Pissing me off everytime I had to cancel on her. She's my priority, but I also can't disappoint her father. ________ "Knock knock darling, open up", Yuri entered my office, with two cups of coffee at hand. Her annoying heels clicking against the wooden floor board, getting closer to my desk. 'ugh what the fuck does she want now'. Rolling my eyes. "Can I help you?" I asked, grabbing a few papers from the stack I'd placed on my desk. "You owe me a date darling" she pouted, placing my coffee on the desk. Leaning forward as she did so, enough for me to get a look at her. That's if I wanted to. Instead I looked at my Watch. This time trying harder to get me to look at her. "Thanks Yuri, I'll appreciate it if you'll leave my office this instance." I commanded pointing at the door without spearing a glance. It was my last straw, I had it with her filthy games. Provoking me every chance she got. She stood with her arms crossed at her chest. Ready to throw a fit, right when my office phone rang. I picked up to a female on the other line. "Hey Sana.  It's been a long time...yes of course I can talk" I answered, looking up to shoo Yuri out of my office. Getting the hint, she stepped out closing the door behind her. "It's literally been a two years, you turd...Did you miss me" she replied, with the energy of a five year old. "Well, if you put it that way...no" I replied sarcastically. "Harsh... Haha. I'll be home soon. You should take me out to eat, I'm starving". She insisted, by now I knew better than to say no. Softly hitting my head against the desk "ugh...fine fine. I'll be out of here soon. You better be ready when I call" "Aww...grumpy Yoongi didn't change much I see" she added mocking how it irks me when someone makes me wait. _______________________ "That was enough walking for one day" she stretched her arms. "Now let's get some food." Food....Eating...Dinner... My eyes widen. Stopping as we got out of the crowded boutique "shit, my date with Y/N". It had slipped my mind. "I'm sorry..if I knew I wouldn't have insisted" Sana tried to apologize even though it was not at all her fault. "I.. I-I'll cancel my date. Don't worry, she will understand" looking at my watch, hoping she would. My best friend was here, I couldn't just ditch her. After all it's been two years since I last saw her. 'she'll understand..right?'. "Are you sure?" Sana asked feeling guilty, although it wasn't her fault. "Yes, now stop being apologetic" smiling as I opened the door to enter the restaurant. She gasped dramatically leaning back with her hands covering her mouth, "Yoongi....a gentleman...The world must be ending". 'why...why are you like this?'. I covered my face from embarrassment. ____________________ We sat at the table near the entrance. Discussing the past two years have gone without seeing each other, as we waited for our food to arrive. I swear this girl could light up a room. Her personality was like no others. If it wasn't for her overly dramatic self I wouldn't be able to recognize her. Physically stunning, but to me she will always be that adorkable bookworm with huge specks. "Thank you" we both said as the waiter placed down our food. She wiggled her eyebrows, "So tell me more about Y/N". There was so much, I didn't know where to begin. "I assumed she would be a pretentious brat. Like the ones I had been presented to before. Trashy skanks who slept around for the simple fact they didn't want to get tied down by marriage." I didn't bother to learn their names either. A pattern I was used to until I met her. "So...you're telling me you two haven't slept together...not even once?!" Sana knew me well. If they were willing to open up, I would let them have it. "No. I love her enough to respect her decision. She doesn't feel ready just yet and I'm not going to pressure her." Y/N is different. I want to protect her, not harm her. I want to spend long nights and days by her side, not just to be a one night stand. "Wow...I'm surprised to hear you speak that way about someone." This must be what love does to a person. Gross .....I like it. "Sana, you're not the only one that has changed you know." She raised her arms in surrender. "Yes, I can see that with my own eyes". _________________________ "You've been looking around a lot, what's wrong Yoongi ?." Sana asked, pointing at me with her fork containing a small piece of a partially eaten chicken. "It's nothing, just stress from the wedding", I had to lie. That crazy bitch followed us. I knew it! I knew it was her the moment she walked in.
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Awww glad to hear Yoongi wasn't a cheating douche bag😁 Lol
@MaritessSison they all thought 😂😂