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So here he is..the final product! I really enjoyed drawing and colouring him! I think one of my favourite things to draw is fire so Im glad i got to make it a main part of the piece :D

Below are the progress pictures! The extra pens i bought for this were the light blue inks for the backgound becaus they ran out and the brown liners for the fire sections!
Before the final ink^^
Pre-backround! I kinda went randomly with the background with differnt blues and icey shapes so its not amazing but it works for the piece i think...
The first thing i started with was the fire because it was my fave part xD
Clean sketch✏

This is him finished and signed in my portfolio next to zoro

Let me know what you think and who i should draw next!

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*is fangirling* u did an epic job 😍 that sooo coool, I'm honestly speechless on how amazing ur drawing is 😆
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@shadow3750 thats a great idea! i finished watching it recently if i was gonna choose who from there itd have to be Bete or the elf gril from thr bar xD
O-M-G😱 WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!😱😍 Duuuuude u a pro!! Daaaang 😍 I Wish I had ur talent or skills at least😭😍😍😍 LOVE IT 😤😤😤😍😍😍
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u welcome @whatamooy Can't wait too see u do this one now😊💖💖💖
I'll take 20 💰\^-^/💰
@Jazmayne214 u mean ud take it for £20?😅 ill have to see if i sell prints or not still
It came out amazing!
@MelissaGarza im glad you think so! :)
Chise from Magnus Bride would look great with your skills 😁
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