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So a new group is set to debut this year called N.Tic.

They were formerly called New Ace and have performed at a few small festivals. But what really made me uncomfortable is one of the member's faces.

Meet the leader of N.Tic, Jion, a 30 year old former ulzzang -
You can see more on his Instagram (he heavily edits his photos) here.

But then I saw one of their live performances, and they're really fun!

I wish them success but I just can't look at Jion? Does anyone else feel this way? I feel really bad but I just cant help it :(

I didn't walk.... I RAN TO GOOGLE to figure out who the black haired guy is in the pictures with Jion....Sangwook (thank you Google) is super cute♥ that's pretty much all I got from this card 😂
right?! they were so charming in the live video and thats why i feel so bad not being able to really look at jion...
Kinda reminds me of a live boyish version of Annabelle 😂😂😂😂 Hope he doesn't want to kill his members and sing "You Are My Sunshine" in the process. Wish him luck though, hope to watch his group perform during Music Bank
he reminded me of those wide eyed dolls you'll see in horror movies but i wish him a good success of him debuting at the age of 30
Why do I feel so uncomfortable looking at him???
hmm interesting... Well good on him for debuting at 30! It just goes to show it's never to late to try and do something new :) But in all seriousness I went to his Insta and it made me really uncomfortable too 😂 but I hope them all success in the future!
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