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This is a really good Drama!! Im not done with it yet but almost. I still wanted to post the review early on because I dont want to write it knowing the ending lol.
Im sure you all know what Thats like when you dont want a drama to end. lol
Im sure everyone is accustomed to seeing a female going back in time, a big romance of falling in love with a king or a really handsome man. In honesty the show Faith or its other name the great doctor is what comes to mind because of the same profession is the same in  Dr. JIN. So its interesting to see a male going back to the joseon era and how it differs and is similar to the scenerio of a female.

There is a romantic story line! The girl in his time who he was dating and loves has a double in the Joseon era however she is already engaged to someone. Its not going to stop him from falling for her though. 
My biggest take away from this drama:
The way a male is treated is far from the gentle care a female got, even when they had a friend to lean on from when they arrive. Dr. Jin keeps getting lucky, saving people and prolonging his own life. Its a miracle he got past the first couple episodes.
This started out on a low note I admit because of all the close calls Dr. Jin had it turned out that those close calls kept getting him in a better and better light. He knows some of the things he did should not have been invented so long ago but its not stopping him from helping save lives.
The soon to be married couple actually grows on you as time goes on and makes it so hard to choose which guy to root for. You may come down with second lead syndrome or like me just have a hard time with who to root for.
overall this period Drama can be very captivating!!!
I keep throwing pictures of him because he is just so good looking lol.

Im in a state of really enjoying the time pieces where the main character goes back in time.
P.S If you liked Faith this is a good show for you!!!!

Fam tag! For everything!

I still haven't seen yet
This one is on my list
@QueenPandaBunny kim Jae Joong is in it. he plays kim kyung Tak 😊
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@SweetDuella Aaahhh yeah!!!! got another drama to watch!!!!
Is Kim Jaejoon in this?