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Taemin Move... by chickens

Tbh, I wasn't really a fan of this song when it came out last year. The mv was just ugh and his hair (so short! 왜?) but, little did I know this gem existed until just this moment. I laughed out loud on the subway and am now listening to his new album and loving it
May the chickens bless you.

That's so funny 😄
omfg hahahahahhahahahhahahahha
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amobts' THOUGHTS: Taemin x Jimin smoking/vaping drama
Que tal peeps! WARNING RANTING...(+16) SO I LOVE BOTH JIMIN AND TAEMIN. THESE TWO HAVE SUCH A LOVING NURTURING BRO RELATIONSHIP. THESE MEN HAVE SOME MUCH IN COMMON... 1. They can dance 2. They can sing 3. FREAKIN' SMOKIN' HOT! YASSS 4. THEY BOTH AS GROWN ASS MEN!!! WITH THAT BEING SAID PPL NEED TO FALL BACK AND GET OFF OF TAEMIN'S ASS ABOUT VAPING AROUND JIMIN. THESE SO CALLED ARMY FOLK THAT ARE ATTACKING TAEMIN ARE NOT TRUE ARMY. WTF WOULD ANYONE ATTACK SOMEONE AS HARMLESS AS TAEMIN X A PERSON WHO IS OBVIOUSLY A MENTOR TO JIMIN PARK? REALLY YOU KNOW WHAT... ARE YOU PPL SERIOUS? YALL REALLY NEED TO I'm sitting here like.... Again these men both are grown and friends. I know yall do whatever you want around your friends. Who are we to judge Taemin. There is so much going on. Besides papi chulo Jimin x Taemin do not need all this added drama OVER NOTHING! @strawberrylover @sukkyongwanser @TaeSky @divanicola05 @BabydollBre @SimplyAwkward @QueenPandaBunny @Vay754 @MissMinYoongi @EvilGenius @punkpandabear @Seera916 @VeronicaArtino @RKA916 @jiminakpop @PolarStarr @jjrockstar @SarahHibbs @kitkatkpop @simpsonsamantha @AraceliJimenez @SweetDuella @CArcelia @Gracielou0717 @DefSoul1994 @EvodiaEbraheem @JustBrea @FernandaMedina @aliendestina @KayLeeRose94 @IsoldaPazo @AgentLeo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @AlexisJ15 @impulsegurl666 @MonieManhiM @EvodiaEbraheem @Ttwolf74 @gyapitt @krystalrikpop @Indiglow @KarenGuerra93 @StephaniePoore @MRich @JJiBin @JohannaTlatench @Alpha95 @loverofkpop
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This Phenomenon🌙 Happened on His Funeral Day 💙
lol..little humor to get into a better mood and accept He is in a better place. GOODBYE JONGHYUN... This must be a good sign right?.... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ IGOT7 TEAM @luna1171 @MelissaGarza @LiyahBoon @TaylorHill5 @LiyahBoon & @YulaGyeom @sukkyongwanser @TwistedPDnim @YulaGyeom ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ IGOT7s @LenaBlackRose @sarangseoltang  @XionHeart @SharayahTodd  @GDsGF @GenesisZiporrah @Gianlica     @punkpandabear  @Elena166 @BeeTeeS @kpop14young   @GUMMYB34RZz  @staceyholley  @EmilyGardner @HuonTreeRoo @MaricelvaRomero  @ElizabethT @KpopRuinedMe2  @Exoexo @DestinyMcCauley  @VKookie47  @TracyLynnn @WiviDemol @DeeNice @maddiedo @marisamusic @SNBlackRose @H8rt4u @hmelodie  @SusiBosshammer @ZeleniaMoon @MelaninMonroe @HaiErin @KatieRussell  @xsandos17   @AnnieGoodman @adikiller @ArianaVenti @Isolate @amandamuska  @AmbieB @Nikkitty @MYAlpha @RebeccaLondon @wondergirl   @themrshongki  @namjoonswife @ninjamidori @NEOisRealo @nnatalieg @NerukaWong @NalaniCerteza @VictoriaBossier @vlargo @VixenViVi  @JennieThor @YessicaCardenas @Ivethcrisoforo @RogueLeigh @lilbr0wneyes @QueenPandaBunny @AlysaNguyen  @SHINee808 @TerraToyaSi @UnnieCakesAli   @ManduBum @ESwee @Maddie27 @AlexisRiver @EXOAsf   @TashiannaBostic @jazgaara33 @CrystalGuerra @2Jaebam @NicoleFireRose @DonnaSearles @TaeSky @EireneJoseph @SatinSkies @orchiofriend549  @MichelleMonroe  @SugaMint @Helixx @kpopandkimchi @VatcheeAfandi99 @TaraJenner @Izzy987 @asinor @JasminRosaMcnin  @DamarisCisneros  @sarahdarwish @StephersTaylor @amobts @bubblekookie  @SaraHanna @DefSoul1994 @CallMeMsDragon @MrsJungHoseok @MelissaGarza @JaiiPanda @FromBlue2U @yeniyx23 @Viresse @Izab3lla @tazneemhinnawi @Momina427 @ElishaFisher @KoreanDramaMaMa @BabydollBre @MomoChamie @SilentPianist @SydneyLstrange @elainarenea @ChandraTorres @DesireeChucklez @funnelcakeboo @AJ2002 @Chocolat09 @reyestiny93 @LinnyOk @AbbyRamey @YasminChavez @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @mszmarclyne93  @AbbyRoscoe @CyanJRincon @JacquelineTakas @Stephany123 @Kyokeo @kpowell @angelicpsyche  @DominiqueWhitak @SimplyAwkward @mycreativename  @CLAKPOP @sherrysahar  @Anjreyev @BangtansQueen   @amberg171997 @FalseLove @otakukpoper @JordanShuler @Mavis2478 @Kayto4 @aleciaLOVES @BiasKpop  @leilakyrsten  @babymarkson @Emlina @Baekyeol27I @PolarStarr  @EvodiaEbraheem @matty0203 @LacyTanner @KarenGuerra93 @KenyaMendoza @QueenyCrossGene @polarbearBTS
Jonghyun Found Dead, Suicide Suspected
(source) the story is still developing and im honestly too shaken to say anything right now, i've never felt so punched in the heart he was foundu in an apartment in cheongdam with the gas turned on and coal on the stove top, unconcious. the police were called, found him at 6:10pm (a little less than an hour ago), he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. i am so sorry to his family, his fans, and to everyone who was touched by his talent and inspiration. i can barely type at the moment because im so upset but i hope for whatever reason he chose to leave us, he is now in peace. update: he texted this to his sister just before he was found "Send me off please. Tell everyone I've worked hard. This is my last greeting." Please don't believe the translations saying he said 'I've really suffered' or 'it was so hard' because thats NOT what he said. Here is his korean message: 나 보내달라 - send me off 고생했다고 말해달라 - tell me i worked hard 마지막 인사다 - this is my last greeting source This is so important: I know it is hard to believe at times, but when you're feeling most hopeless please remember it will pass, there are people who love you, it is your depression trying to convince you there arent. you matter, you are loved. *edit* its been shared that he booked this apartment at noon today, this was not his home but a rental specifically for this purpose. the police worked so hard to quickly find where jonghyun was and rushed there with emergency crew. they truly did all that they could and it must have been so ard on them to know they were just too late. my prayers too all the rescue workers and police involved. you're heroes.
A.C.E May Challenge Day 11-20 🌻
Hello Choice! I will be continuing on catching up on A.C.E May Challenge. Day 11. BK Cover Kim Byeong Kwan Cover Lil Nas X- Old Town Old Cover by A.C.E Kim Byeong Kwan and Wow https://youtu.be/uZdf_cDapgg Day 12. Chan Dance *credit video to owner Chan's Freestyle dance https://youtu.be/6nwK2_d4smk Day 13. MV *credit video to owner A.C.E- Take Me Higher MV https://youtu.be/g4ELX7LyXDw Day 14. Donghun Fan Art I made an Donghun photo edit as fan art Day 15. Wow Cover *credit video to owner A.C.E Donghun and Wow Cover https://youtu.be/IlTe_bdmojg Day 16. Jun Dance *credit video to owner Don't Wanna Know- Maroon 5 Choreography by Lia Kim Feat. A.C.E Jun https://youtu.be/cJ7xEuSQk_I Day 17. BK Focus *credit video to owner A.C.E- Savage live performance Kim Byeong Kwan Focus https://youtu.be/p9MOAtpjMwE Day 18. Chan Photo Day 19. Busking *credit video to owner A.C.E Busking in Seattle- Slow Dive https://youtu.be/GR5ArXLHD60 Day 20. Donghun Cover *credit video to owner John Legend 'All of Me' Cover by Donghun & Chan https://youtu.be/CGGMAsT7Ac8 Until next time Choice! A.C.E Council: @MelissaGarza @StefaniTre Choices Tag List @StefaniTre @aleciaLOVES @CLAKPOP @Just2BLoved @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @QueenPandaBunny @gabstar143 @QueenyCrossGene @dalenalw *please comment if you want to be added to Choice tag list* my Vingle Family @FromBlue2U @luna1171 @awkwardjazzy @ibMINI @VixenViVi @kirinacorn81 @Bwolfgirl @IsoldaPazo @QuennyCrossGene @VeronicaArtino @XergaB20 @SimplyAwkard @BabydollBre @BBxGD @QueenPandaBunny @CallMeMsDragon @PolarStarr @halsyeon @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @kpopandkimichi @royalpandajedi @SweetDuella @StefaniTre @JamiMilsap @JaxomB @WinKonVIP @TwistedPDnim @LiyahBoon @Just2BLoved @InfiniteUtopia @cns1391 @ynsamgwlk
About the landlord gas safety certificate London
According to landlord gas safety certificate London law to rent out the property without having a gas safety certificate is illegal. It is a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate to rent out the property. This is also written in the gas safety certificate; the qualified engineers have checked the appliances within the last twelve months. Why is it necessary to get the gas safety certificate in London? It is essential to get a gas safety certificate. To rent out the property, it is the requirement by law on the landlord that he must have a gas safety certificate. This certificate is proof that all your gas appliances have been checked within twelve months. It also states that the gas appliances have been reviewed by a gas safe qualified engineer. These gas engineers are listed on Gas Safety Register. This register contains the official name of gas engineers who are only allowed to work officially in the UK. There are some only people who are qualified gas engineers. How long the landlord gas safety certificate London last? The gas safety certificate is only for twelve months. There is one rule that says. The landlord must provide it to their tenant within 28 days after the previous certificate expired. It is also be given to your new tenant before they move in. The certificate can also be given to the new tenant within 28 days of them moving in. The landlord must keep the certificate for at least two years, to demonstrate the history of appliance. If in case anyone wants them so you can show that as proof. How to get the landlord gas safety certificate? To get the certificate, you need to have an inspection. The safety gas inspection will check annually the appliances that use gas. This includes any gas fire. The inspection should include the following:  Ensure that there is enough provision for ventilation. To check the burner and gas pressures against the manufacturer’s data plates. To make sure flue flow removal of the combustible products. All the safety devices must be check that they work safely. The safety devices are in any misuse or not. What if you don’t have the gas safety certificate? If you are a landlord and you don’t have a gas safety certificate, then you have to pay the fine. The tenant can also get protection if you try to evict them. If the tenant has brought their appliances than they are responsible for those. You need to look after the flues and fitting. How much the landlord gas safety inspection London cost? The certificate cost is not under the Gas safety regulator, because they are not responsible for that. Gas inspecting engineers charge the prices of gas safety inspection. The cost can vary considerably depending on who you are going to choose. Anyone can choose their gas safety engineer, so it’s a good thing shop around. How to find a gas safety engineer in London? Gas safety engineers are registered professionals. There are a lot of gas safety engineers, and it depends on who you, there are some of them who are quite experienced. To find the best safety engineer, you need to search for online. The best thing to do before hiring anyone randomly from the internet, try to find some recommendations. You can also find a good on the internet, to find that try to read the reviews. Try to find good reviews, because those good reviews are the feedback of their previous customers. Once the reviews you think are good, get a quote from that gas safety engineer.
[Sao Hàn] Netizen bình chọn nghệ sỹ solo tốt nhất Kpop !
Trong thị trường Kpop với vô số các nhân tài như hiện nay? Bạn cho rằng ai xứng đáng với danh hiệu nghệ sỹ solo tốt nhất? Hẳn mọi người đã có đáp án rồi chứ ^^ Vậy tạm thời hãy giữ kết quả ấy và theo dõi cuộc bình chọn dưới đây, thử xem ý kiến của các bạn và cộng đồng netizen có tương đồng không nhé ^^ ! Cuộc khảo sát gần đây được cư dân mạng (netizen) đề ra mang tên “Who is your best soloist?”, với mục đích tìm ra nghệ sỹ solo xuất sắc nhất, người đang là thành viên của một nhóm nhạc Hàn Quốc. Thời gian vote diễn ra khá ngắn từ 26/11 - 30/11, mang tính chất ẩn danh và huy động khoảng 799 netizen tham gia bỏ phiếu. Kết quả cuối cùng cho thấy tỉ số khá cách biệt của 2 ngôi vị quán quân và á quân, có tổng số % bình chọn là 74%. Và bây giờ thì cùng kiểm chứng kết quả thôi nào ^^ ! 5. Jung Yong Hwa - CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa đứng ở vị trí thứ 5, 7,3% - 58 lượt bình chọn. Nam ca sỹ vừa phát hành solo album 'One Fine Day' vô cùng thành công vào tháng 1/ 2015. Ca khúc cũng do chính nam ca sỹ sáng tác. Jung Yong Hwa được công nhận là một nghệ sỹ tài năng ở phương diện ca hát lẫn sáng tác, nhiều bài hát của nhóm CNBlue do anh sáng tác đã trở thành hit lớn. 4. Taemin - SHINee Taemin - thứ 4 với 8,6% tương đương 69 phiếu bầu. Nam ca sỹ đã cho thấy hình ảnh mạnh mẽ, nam tính của mình thông qua solo album đầu tay, điều khá trái ngược khi anh là thành viên nhỏ tuổi nhất của SHINee. 3. Jonghyun - SHINee Thứ 3 - Jonghyun - 81 bình chọn - 10,1%. Một ca sỹ - nhạc sỹ khác của SM. Jonghyun tự tay sáng tác tất cả các ca khúc solo cho chính anh, bao gồm ‘Crazy’ và ‘Deja vu’. Song song với hình ảnh một thần tượng Kpop, nam ca sỹ còn được đánh giá là một nghệ sỹ thực thụ. 2. Taeyang - BIG BANG Big Bang ở vị trí á quân với cách biệt 253 phiếu bầu tương đương 31,7%. Giọng hát quyến rũ và vũ đạo sexy điêu luyện khiến Taeyang trở thành một nghệ sỹ có sắc màu độc đáo trong giới Kpop. Các hit solo của anh có thể kể đến như ‘Look at me only’, ‘I need a girl’ và ‘EYES, NOSE, LIPS’. 1. Taeyeon - SNSD Taeyeon giữ ngôi vị số 1, 338 lượt bình chọn ( 42,3%). Taeyeon là giọng ca chính của SNSD, nữ ca sỹ cũng thành công với nhiều bài hit OST khác. Mới đây, Taeyeon phát hành solo album 'I' gây được tiếng vang lớn không chỉ trong thị trường nội địa mà còn cả thị trường âm nhạc quốc tế!