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Are Teesan and Sera going to be over? Are we going to see Dojin and Yisoo the second time? TONIGHT LIVE!! ************************************************************* CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ************************************************************* LIVE RECAP START NOW! Opening scene: year1983 The 4 guys was on the meeting with 3 ladies. they introduced themselves one by one. (but the ladies were ugly, hahahahaha ) So, Dojin decided to talk in childish way. Suddenly, the 4th lady come, beautiful one, eun ni. All of the guys were attracted to her. Back to reality In the pub, Choi yun, Teesan and Jungrok remembering Eun ni. When one woman asked them who is Eun ni. All of them answered " My first love" Me Ahri come in and asked if Dojin still not come. Yisoo in her room, opening her new notebook. The screensaver was a bed with her bikini picture as bed sheet. Dojin was calling her. The phone fell down. Yisoo found out the gloves under the bed, when she want to pick up the phone. Yisoo didn't accept the call. The scene back to the scene where Me ahri break down to cry.Teesan try to pull her outside the room when Choi Yun grabbed their hands and told Teesan to let go Ahri's hand. He told Teesan if he have something to say, just tell him privately. Choiyun asked Dojin to take Ahri out. Jungrok also told the 2 ladies, the party was over and escort them out. Choiyun and Teesan was left alone in the room. Outside, Dojin asked Ahri where she want to go, he will take her. Ahri told him no need and take care Choi Yun. Dojin asked her where she will go. Ahri asnwered she's not child anymore Teesan asked Choiyun if he want to smoke. he said even when he thought of breaking up with sera he never think of smoking. Choiyun told him to find another place to drink together. Teesan also never congratulate him on his birthday. In the car, Teesan was taking deep breath, while Dojin was driving. Dojin tried to calm him. After looking at the gloves for a while, Yisoo get out of the room. Yisoo meet with Sera on the way out. Sera said sorry to Yisoo. Yisoo went out to the box where they can throw away clothes. She throw away the gloves Dojin and Jungrok watching Teesan and Choiyun drinking, Dojin asked which side will Jungrok take. Jungrok answered Choi Yun. Dojin answered Jungrok's side. Choiyun told Teesan not to worry, Nothing will happen. Yisoo and Me ahri was in the bath house. They were chatting around, Yisoo ended telling Ahri LEt's sleep in the bath house. Ahri took Yisoo's handphone secretly and sent message to Dojin. Dojin and Jungrok picked them. They were deciding to continue to other place, Dojin guest house. Teesan back at home. He was looking at Ahri's room with sad face. Dojin sent message to Teesan telling that Ahri with them. Dojin, Jungrok , Yisoo and Ahri arrived at one place. Ahri was in a hurry to go to the bathroom, so Dojin took her first to the room. Jungrok and Yisoo followed them. At the same plave, jungrok's wife-Minsong was also in the same place with her friends. She saw them (Jungrok and Yisoo) got insode the room, Minsong followed them. Minsong knocked the room. Yisoo answered the door. Minsong asked if Yisoo already took a bath. MInsong asked Yisoo several questions. Jungrok come out and introduced Minsong as his wife. Minsong was in sarcasm asking if they were in party together. Thankfully, Dojin and Ahri come out. Minsong was a little embarrased finding out she was the one in mistake. Jungrok teased his wife . His wife ended leaving the place. When misong left out. Yisoo laughed and remebered she once saw the woman in Choiyun's office. Jungrok back from sending his wife asked if they want some food delivered to the room. Ahri decided to take a rest. Yisoo want to follow her but dojin stopped her. Dojin told Jungrok to order some wine. Ahri was in the room looking at Choiyun's picture. Choiyun also in the supermarket thinking back his memory with Ahri. Yisoo was singing (drunk apperantly). Jungrok told Yisoo that the wine sticker was designed by Dojin. Dojin told Jungrok to go take a rest. Yisoo also told him, she will take a rest after one glass. Suddenly, Jungrok's phone was ringing. He told everyone he will take a rest Yisoo also tried to get up, Dojin stopped her by grabbing her hand. They were chating. Dojin asked Yisoo if he's handsome. Yisoo said yes, but not his style. They were sitting in front of the sofa, gazing at each other. Dojin touch Yisoo's cheek and approaching her trying to kiss her. With only few cm to go. suddenly the door room opened. Jungrok come out to find good signal. Yisoo pretend to sleep in the floor.Jungrok asked if she sleep, Dojin said yes Dojin hugged her and took her inside the room.(other room ) Yisoo get mad to dojin, why he didn't take her in Ahri's room. Yisoo mess her hair and went to Ahri's room. In the morning, Choiyun prepared the breakfast for him and Dojin Dojin tastes the food and show a bad expression. Choiyun after saw that also taste the food. Choiyun give Dojin some bread(bad taste, i guess) Dojin was in cafe talking with Jungrok and Ahri, talking about the morning chaos Choiyun made. Teesan was outside looking inside the cafe, looking at AHri Back in the school, Yisoo was looking at her handphone, looking at message Dojin sent last night saying Yisoo is beautiful. Yisoo was smiling.(good feeling for Dojin, i guess) In the office, Dojin and teesan had some problem with one of the project. Dojin had some ways to fight it. They were looking for the problem solver with all the staff. Teesan and dojin was in the meeting with one of their clients, The clients who was in law suit with them. Teesan was cursing, and then told the clients some mistake he made in his building. the client look frightened. Dojin and Teesan come out wearing sunglasses, cool way ! Yisoo accepted some phone telling her Sera was in the ER. Yisoo went to the ER. Sera was fainted in the practice. Yisoo called Teesan. Teesan asked if Sera was in good ways. When Yisoo said yes, Teesan told Yisoo no need to call him then. Yisoo ended up lying to Sera telling her Teesan was out of town. Sera who know the truth ended up crying. Teesan think for a while after closing the phone. Teesan went to Ahri's room. Teesan told Ahri to behave so he doesn't need to send her away. Minsong was in dinner with some friends and couple. Minsong was alone. MInsong was in bad mood being alone. Friends was asking about her husband. Minsong told them not to worry, and saying if she got divorced, she will tell them sarcasticly. Choiyun was in softball field, throwing some ball. Teesan suddenly appear in front of hime. Teesa said Happy birthday even it's late. Teesan asked him to go drink together. 4 of the guys was in bar. Jungrok was in panic (trouble with wife again) Jungrok got message from his wife telling him to come quickly. Jungrok come in Minsong dinner(cool way, off course) Minsong was in sweet mode with Jungrok in show for her friends. Minsong friend ended up embarrased. Minsong and Sera met in golf field. Both woman was changing word showing how bad their relationship. Sera was in a shop for some promotion. Tomorrow was sera's competition day. Ahri sent some supporting message. Sera looking at it with smiling. Sera was preparing her bag for her competition. Yisoo come and asking if she's okay Yisoo said her support before she left the room Yisoo called Ahri. Ahri told her she will contact her again later, Ahri was in Choiyun's office. Choiyun was cold to her. Ahri took the bag but Choiyun told her to take it back. Choiyun's workmate come and brought some lunchbox from someone. Ahri asked whose the sender. Choiyun answered his mother in law. Ahri just looking in shock. Yisoo was in cafe remembering the ER scene. Ahri come to the cafe, bringing the 4 guys year book. Yisoo put Teesan's photo back in the year book. Ahri asked what's going on. Yisoo told ahri that she will always be in Sera's side. Ahri was walking with Yisoo. Ahri told Yisoo that she was mature able to let go her crush. Yisoo answered if her crush maybe unhappy because of her. Dojin was calling Yisoo, but she didn't answered. Dojin just sent her some message. Dojin and teesan was in shop together. Teesan told dojin that sera was out of town, so he will accompany Yisoo. Dojin looked at Teesa weirdly. In front of Yisoo's house Teesan told dojin that he knew that yisoo like him,Teesan asked why dojin didn't tell him in first place. Dojin told Teesan that maybe he will fall out for her. Yisoo come out. The end Next episode preview: Choiyun was opening the present from Ahri. Ahri tried to make him jealous using Collin. Jungrok prepared a romatic night with Minsong. Dojin and Yisoo continue next week with more interesting story making Yisoo crying in the end. what happened?
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I can't believe how fast and efficient you are. I just finished watching live about 20 mins. ago and have already read the recap so I don't need the subtitles urgently. OMG, Happy Father's Day to all who celebrate it today! Kamsamnida! ;-)
Ohhhhh! 5minutes left >_<