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Hello, this is SHINee’s Key. It’s been a long time since I’ve said hello. There have been many things running through my head lately. The upcoming tour is coming soon, the reality show’s preliminary filming is over… If everything works out, I want to come back and be part of normalcy again. All of our members want to do that, they all want to come back to normal. It’s not that Jonghyun-hyung brought us down or anything, that’s not it. That’s something that many other people are worried about, including his family. It is sad that we can’t see him currently but I know that my hyung is waiting for me and [cheering me on]. I will do my best to show the best side of me soon. It’s not that we’re trying to fill the empty space of Jonghyun-hyung. Rather, what we’re planning to do is always have him inside our emotions and promote. I wish you guys will treat me as you’ve treated me all this time. I want you guys to love me like you’ve always loved me and treated me like you’ve always treated me. If you support me and my members, we will not disappoint you guys. Thank you.” — Key
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THANKS TO JONGHYUN'S MOTHER! HERE'S THEIR HAND WRITTEN LETTERS JINKI LEADER JINKI STARTS BY SAYING HE DIDN'T THINK THEY COULD DO THE JAPANESE TOUR BUT JONGHYUN'S MOTHER TOLD THE BOYS NOT TO GIVE UP BECAUSE THEY ARE HOPE TO THOSE HURTING. "JONGHYUN WILL FOREVER BE A SHINEE MEMBER IN MY HEART AND FANS HEART" Hello. This is SHINee's Onew. I'm not sure what to say first. I'm thankful that you have protected and cared about the member that we love so much, and I'm sorry for worrying you. I thought this wouldn't work, and that we wouldn't be able to perform. But Jonghyun's mother told us never to give up, and I believed that if we could give comfort to someone who is in longing and in pain, I should work harder even though I'm lacking.  I am very lacking, but I want to the best I can for SHINee. Even if the course is difficult, I will work my best. Jonghyun is forever a SHINee member, and will always be in our hearts and the fans' hearts, so I believe nothing will have changed. I will continue to work hard as SHINee. Thank you. KIBUM Hello. This is SHINee's Key. So many people worried for me, and I'm working to gather my thoughts and go back to everyday life. Sometimes I cry when I see things Jonghyun-hyung left behind because of the memories, and even though my heart hurts, I'm working hard to win over it by thinking I'm spending time with hyung. I know many people support SHINee to keep promoting, and I thought a lot about it as well, but I didn't think I wanted to give up everything for a peace of mind. Many people are worried about us, and we decided to continue on with our Japanese concert. This decision would be something Jonghyun-hyung wanted from us, and I believe that it's the most SHINee-like to keep our promise to the fans and put on a good stage. This year is SHINee's 10th anniversary. Thank you so much for always supporting us and taking care of us, and we will give back through a SHINee-like stage. I love you, and thank you. MINHO Hello, this is SHINee's Minho. Concerning SHINee's Japanese concert, the members each thought for himself and also gathered to talk about it, and we came to a cautious conclusion. I am writing to relay my thoughts calmly. While I write this, I'm having a lot of thoughts, and every moment, I feel a lot of emotions, but I want to write calmly. There must be some who embrace this decision, and others who worry about this decision. We also don't know what the right answer is, but we believe right now that this is the right answer, and we want to keep our promise to you. All the memories we have with the members, the staff, and the fans are all so precious and happy to us, and I believe nothing else can replace that. Nothing can replace Jonghyun-hyung's place, and I'm worried about the quality of our stage, but I will put all my sincerity in preparations by thinking that Jonghyun-hyung will be with us on all the stages that SHINee will be on in the future.  As Jonghyun-hyung and the rest of us promised with you, when we are exhausted and want to quit, and when we want to run away because we're weak, I will remember that your hands are our biggest strength, and keep singing for you. It's harder than anyone can imagine, but I believe you will give us strength so we can all overcome this and keep our promise. SHINee will feel grateful at every moment through that support, and fill our moments for you and Jonghyun-hyung. I think I will be able to be a little warmer in this cold winter thanks to your warm support. Thank you. TAEMIN Hello. This is SHINee's Taemin. To be honest, I didnt' have much confidence to perform. However, I wanted to keep our promise with fans, and I didn't want to say farewell to the SHINee members in the future. When I looked back to the times that I was the happiest and I had the most security in, they were moments when I was with the members and the fans. I got more fond of the name 'SHINee' as well as the members, and I wanted even less to give up. I know the future won't be easy, but I'm going to try my best so that the name SHINee will keep shining without losing its light or being forgotten. The members and you are the people who made me such beautiful memories. I'm thankful and I want to keep those memories for a long time. I want to keep being loved as SHINee, and I want to show our member in the sky that we will confidently step up and stand on the stage as SHINee. I'm sorry for worrying fans, and I ask you keep watching us. It's cold, so take care of yourselves, and happy new year. SHINee FIVE FOREVER!
[K-Pop]Idol vs thời trang jeans jeans “Reply, phục cổ”
Thời trang luôn là một một vòng tuần hoàn không có điểm dừng. Nó sẽ liên tục quay đi quay lại. Vì thế mà những gout thời trang ngày xưa dù bạn có nghĩ là nó sẽ lỗi mốt và chỉ thịnh trong quá khứ thì bạn sẽ bất ngờ khi lại bắt gặp trên đường phố, vì khi thời gian trôi đi thì những gout thời trang này lại bỗng thay đổi và trông không còn quê mùa nữa. Điển hình nhất phải kể đến trong khoảng thời gian gần đây chính là gout thời trang jeans jeans đang được các idol cả nam lẫn nữ ưa chuộng. Chỉ cần một chiếc quần jeans kết hợp với một jacket jeans bạn đã có thể hoàn thành set thời trang phục cổ hút mắt mà không hề lỗi mốt hay trông quê mùa. Để biết các idol đã diện gout thời trang jeans jeans này thế nào để trông cool ngầu nhất thì hãy cùng xem những tấm hình được tập hợp dưới đây nhé! “Sexy quyến rũ cùng thời trang jeans jeans toàn tập” (Dasom) “Quả nhiên là ông hoàng biến hình của K-Pop, Key đã hoàn toàn hóa thân thành một nhân vật đến từ thời xưa với set thời trang phục cổ cùng mắt kính màu nổi” “Hãy cùng reply nào, thời trang jeans jeans đã quay trở lại” (Chen) “Dù là thời trang phục cổ nhưng không hề nhàm chán hay cảm thấy sến sẩm” (Jessica) “Lại xuất hiện thêm một ví dụ điển hình về set thời trang phục cổ cực hút mắt” (Solgi) “Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo không bao giờ lỗi mốt của quần jeans và jacket jeans” (Hyorin) “Năng động cá tính cùng với một set đồ jeans toàn tập” (Hyoyeon) “Thời trang phục cổ cool ngầu của chị lớn” (Miryo) “Dù mùa đông thì thời trang phục cổ trên jeans dưới jeans vẫn được trưng dụng triệt để” (Yuri) <Hình ảnh = Dispatch DB>