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Hello, this is SHINee’s Key. It’s been a long time since I’ve said hello. There have been many things running through my head lately. The upcoming tour is coming soon, the reality show’s preliminary filming is over… If everything works out, I want to come back and be part of normalcy again. All of our members want to do that, they all want to come back to normal. It’s not that Jonghyun-hyung brought us down or anything, that’s not it. That’s something that many other people are worried about, including his family. It is sad that we can’t see him currently but I know that my hyung is waiting for me and [cheering me on]. I will do my best to show the best side of me soon. It’s not that we’re trying to fill the empty space of Jonghyun-hyung. Rather, what we’re planning to do is always have him inside our emotions and promote. I wish you guys will treat me as you’ve treated me all this time. I want you guys to love me like you’ve always loved me and treated me like you’ve always treated me. If you support me and my members, we will not disappoint you guys. Thank you.” — Key