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Ok, so I am having a shojo manga moment here....
Here is the backstory,
about 3 years ago I hooked up with a guy at a party, at the time we were both kids in high school and he was planing to go to school for acting and film. So when when my friends walked in on us and decided that they should give us a lecture about sleeping with people you just meant and how it was a stupid mistake made by kids, he freaked out and left me alone crying. Which I don't blame him, honestly I completely understand why he did it. Regardless, my heart was broken and I'm still patching up holes.
This is my predicament,
now, 3 years later I am going to one of our mutual friend's parties and he might be attending based on the time he is filming in the area. What should I do if I run into him? I know that I am week around him and I don't want to be hurt again, but for some reason I can't stop hoping that maybe things will be different this time...
If anyone could give me some advice, it would be much appreciated
GIRL! Its been 3 years you gotta show him that those 3 years HAVE BEEN GOOD TO YOU! Even if you talk to him or not GLAM UP! This party is an opportunity for you not only to move on from that past but to find yourself in the now. I agree with @JoshWithThumbs dont overthink it you'll be to focused on him and might emd up missing out on someone new or miss out on some great fun! Like @DestinyCarrillo said don't get stuck on the past! I hope you rhink about you first and if he shows up & he remembers you. Make sure that even if nothing happens between you guys to have fun and try to find a new fling or just do you!
I know it's going to sound cliche, but trust me on this. Don't overthink it. Just roll with things if they start rolling. I've had my fair share of moments, it's always best to let your heart/instincts decide what to do. that way you're true to yourself as well as everyone around you.
relax ^-^ just start off talkin as friends. uv both grown up alil and changed over the 3 years so its better to caught up and maybe have a good time. just dont get stuck in the past because if u do that same thing that happened 3 years ago will just replay. i hope this helped and goodluck 😊