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I thought you would do anything for me
But what I found out was
Not everything is free
Some things come at a greater price
Whereas others are brushed aside as
Just something nice
Yes many simple things that I thought
Were worth a mention
Turn out to be so expensive
From locking hands and kissing slow
To even paying fucking attention
And some of the days seemed like a sale
You would give me everything for half off
I loved those days when you treated me well
It seemed more like heaven and less like hell
But other days you acted designer
To the point where I used a fucking lighter
Because it was too expensive
To turn on the light or
Even be turned on bright yourself
Those days cost me more than whatever I had
In my wallet
I never asked you to be cheap
I just asked you to be reasonable
You shouldn't charge someone a fee
When it's easier to give away for free