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Hey Otakus!

It's That Day Of The Week Again.. Its Waifu Wednesday!!

This Weeks Theme is Blue Haired Waifus❤ So Pick A Waifu That Has Some Lovely Blue Locks!

My Waifu This Week Is The Sweet, Adorable, And Amazingly Talented Cook Megumi Tadokoro❤

Anime : Food Wars!❤

Who Is Your Favorite Blue Haired Waifu?!

Don't Forget To Tag Me @AimeBolanos and To Add you Card To The WaifuWednesday Community!

Otaku Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

{W} : @whatamooy 

YES!! She was such a sweet heart, with amazing character growth.
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Shokugeki no Soma
Sorry I didn’t make a card I just didn’t have the time! But my blue hair Waifu I actually have two bc I can’t pick either one so it’s both Juvia from Fairy Tail - I swear her body is so beautiful and id kill to have it but I love Juvia so much she’s so cute Konata-chan from Lucky Star - when it comes down to it....she’s everything I am (except for being short and flat chested) her personality is me “because if I joined a club -points- I’d miss all my prime time anime shows!”
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@AimeBolanos she’s cute! She’s good at sports but she’s a major otaku if you haven’t seen Lucky Star give it a try it’s 24 episodes or maybe more