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For those who don't know, Jungkook recently uploaded a Video cover on Twitter of Lee Hi's "Breathe". The song was written by late SHINee member Jonghyun. People were quick to assume that the death threats written on Weibo were by Shawols trying to defend that it was "too early" "its disrespectful" and so forth. (Note: Most of the Posts have now been delete by the owner of the site and they are now continuing to be deleted.) BUT a fellow multi-fandom K-Popper translated and it turned out Not to be Shawols, but BTS solo stans. People have been trying to trend the hashtag #WeloveyouJungkook and is now currently number 1 in America. Please help spread word for our lovely Golden Maknae!!!
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WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?? This is a damn shame SMH 😯
We need to love ALL members yes I do have a bias but I love all of them
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Exactly that’s awful
It doesn't matter who they stan, it matters what they did. Why can't people value human life? The people that send death threats are no better than Logan Paul
I’m really happy tat shawols r satisfied with the cover and kookie u did a great job love💜💜RIP J I miss u! 😔
Wow. That's so messed up. Shinee, shawols, Bts, and the ARMYs don't need this drama. People really need to grow up.