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So yes I do realize it's Thursday but I'm still posting this card because I can! Lol work kicked my was yesterday so here I am doing I toda. Shall we begin!
This week's theme is dedicated to our lovely waifus who rock that blue hair color. So many to choose from but I decided I'd go with someone many people may not know about.
From the anime Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash I present to you, Mary (or Merry which ever you prefer) She's all know as Wicked Mary or Scary Mary for reasons I won't say because it may spoil this anime do those who haven't seen it. So without further ado,!
We'll I'll end this quick and easy!
If you haven't seen this anime I recommend you giving it a shot!
If you wish to be tagged if future cards just let me know! Enjoy! And remember to follow @aimebolanos for more fun games and activities!

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Where is she from again?
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