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edit*I just realized you cat even see that those two are looking at a book! Grrrr lol at least it looks like they are reading the title.*
So I decided instead of doing K-Drama reviews Id do Fan fictions. There are so many and I figured when I read a new one and completed it I would review it as a whole.

So here it goes

The first story I will review this year is......drum roll please.......

Although I read it off of the vingler @Jessonwang9094
She was nice enough to put this all in one folder to find.

LIAR, LIAR 'Fanfic'

The creator of this story does have a vingle account and a wattpad. (I believe her Vingle page is deleted. I couldn't find it.)

This story was posted a while back and I had it in my Read Later list.... which I finally got too.

So Here is what the story is about.

Its A Mafia AU
Pairing....? I dont want to give that away.

You find out your boyfriend you loved was not who you thought he was.....

Does that draw you in?
To be honest the picture of Jungkook pulled me in...he is my bias!

This story was amazing! It has 26 Chapters and I read it all in one night, legit took me about 5 hours and I did keep stopping and doing other things but still!

After the first Chapter I tell you I was the 7th Chapter I was legit screaming

If this was me, I would have just staying in the apartment and waited for jungkook to explain. Why run away and possibly die!

Oh and there is adult material in the story so be prepared!

So I think the hardest part of this story...was putting Kookie into a different light. I see Kookie as this cute, goofy guy who wouldn't harm a thing. (ok messing with the guys is different they are guys after all I know they play rough) But I had to think he was A killer, and was a bad guy....

I know in the story you are suppose to feel a certain way but I couldn't. I would literally give up my life for Kookie if I had to, heck I'd let him kill me if he had to. But I think its because I hard core Bias him lol

This story had me going through so many emotions.

I couldn't decide who she really should end up with. It was that hard for me.

Anyways I got to the last Chapter....I feel empty because its over! But thats what happens with Fan fics.....

This story has love, sex, adventure, twists and turns even feels like a horror movie at times. The chapters do change between POVs so there is alot of repeated text, but you get each persons view of what they thought of certain situations. Which is nice instead of trying to figure out how each guy is feeling.

Go and read it!!!



this sounds like a very interesting fan fic. and I like tour idea of doing reviews for fan fic's!
View 2 more replies i was gonna do rating but thats just mean...dramas are different eats easy to give one a 5/5 or 1/5
Please tag me in any other fanfiction reviews. This is such a cool idea.
will do.... im finishing up a fanfuc now so hopefully tonight i can do another review.