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Damn, Sunmi's New Song Is Plagiarized...

Usually I brush this stuff off, but this is blatant. Like, there's no way they can say this isn't a straight copy.

Sunmi's song is awesome, but it's not by her :(

Apparently her song was composed by Teddy with lyrics added by Sunmi but I've got to say...Teddy staight copied this song.

Even the outfits are similar...

Listen to Heroine:

Listen to Fight for This Love:

Bummer :(

oh goodness, i wonder whats gonna happen now.
apparently teddy has done this before so hopefully he'll finally stop getting work γ… γ…  poor sunmi...
oh wow
I miss your quality posts!! That's why I decided to sneak back into your page~ lol
Things like this make me worry if I try to write a song and then it turns out it's already another song.
I've had this problem on YouTube before but everything was luckily ended before it got out of hand. Someone went and said I stole the instrumental to his song and passed it off as my own when I actually made it on garage band.
Wow they really do sound similar. But I don't believe that such a well known producer like Teddy would put out a song without buying rights for Fight For This Love first, especially since the similarities are very apparent. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
He's actually pretty famous in Korea for getting in plagiarism scandals like this :/ Never for YG artists though...hmmm....
Really? As a YG fan it's disappointing to hear that the company's main producer is known for plagiarism. I hope he'll stop or at least buy rights to sample/remake songs. Also, I just did a search to see which songs he was accused of plagiarizing and it seems that most of them are actually songs by YG artists. 2NE1's Fire and I Don't Care and GD's Heart breaker are some of the songs.
When I heard it I knew it sounded familiar but I didn't want to accept it 😧😧😧😧
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