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Hi hi its Jen again with another review of another Drama, this was a short Drama
So I saw someone else recommending this short drama somewhere and checked it out. If your in the mood for a light and short flick then this is perfect! Its 8 episodes long and about 30 minutes each episode.
The drama is on Netflix and I couldnt find it on viki or dramafever, but if your looking it might be under the title Temporary Idol.
The show consists of a producer coming back from a long hiatus and comes back to the company to create a new group 3 girls and 2 boy all living together and debuting! Each individual having their own problematic issues but we'll see as the episodes go how they get smoothed over.
At first they dropped a bunch of names!!! 2ne1 Big bang  Winner, yea um that had me for a moment going WHAT! But I settled. So dont get fooled by the opening. It comes off as cheezy, like super cheezy but its gets better, Well you roll with it as it just starts getting entertaining lol.
Im going to give my honest opinion now. I made it through 3 episodes, I couldn't last. There was a moment that was entertaining to watch but sadly netflix wont allow you to screenshot images so I couldn't.
Did it make me laugh? Yes. Was it captivating?  No not so much
I think this was a show that was too cheesy for me to watch, but if your into that kind of show then give it a go!
So thats all folks! Its not a long review!
I recommended it because it brought me out of my dark flunk with it's cheesiness. so if you in a dark place it will bring you out of it
oo this would get someone out of a funk, I can see that 😄
Ooh, this was a pretty good one. I really only watched it for Suhyun and Hyunbin