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I'm near the end of this arc but so far it is just 👌👌👌👌👌
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Omg... so excited for you for whats to come!!!
Time to fuck shit up. One my favorite moments. Hyped! 😎
@LadyL best crew/family dont want to mess with them
I’ve legitimately gone through this my cousin was getting bullied at his school and one day he came home with a broken arm and a bunch of other bruises. He was getting bullied and hadn’t told anyone. But my best friend found out that he had gotten jumped and she told me. So me my other best friend who had grown up with me and two of my other cousins decided to pick him up from school. We parked a little ways a way and walked to the campus looking for my cousin Saw the SAME guys who put him in that state messing with another kid. We didn’t take it well FYI these guys were around my age and my cousin is two years younger
I just noticed that ussop is laying on the ground like yamcha was in dragon ball z
@DevilsSon sorry for being so serious this just brought up some bad memories
its fine really...sorry i reminded you of it @drag0n5on