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well today is a special day cause it my birthday XD and for some time now I being wondering which anime character has the same special day like me and I found my answer to my question
From Pandora Hearts
Jack Vessalius
I started to watch the anime today but I readed only 4 volumes of Pandora Hearts and fell in love with it but unfortunately my local library only had a limited amount ;-; which is y I'm still waiting to see if they'll get more volumes.....And i finished reading all of the volumes of My Little Monster not that long ago which I also love it and what I discover was that Chizuru Oshima has the same birthday like me >///<
Chizuru Oshima and I kinda of have some similarities and I'm glad I'm not alone celebrating my birthday today ^//^ it feels nice to know this
Happy Birthday Jack Vessalius, Chizuru Oshima, and me ^w^
Lucy looks cute there I'll always be Fairy Tail for life <3 ^w^
Well I'm out, till next time \(^~^)/
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Happy birthday sweetie! i hope u had a great day!
@LadyLuna thank you so far so good πŸ˜† I just being trying to dance and that's been πŸ˜… okay....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚