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3RACHA is a sub-unit of Stray Kids. The trio consists of Chan, Changbin, and Jisung. Chan goes by CB97, Changbin goes by SpearB, and Jisung goes by J.One.
Chan who is also the Leader of Stray Kids produces most of 3RACHA's music with Changbin and Jisung producing a few songs of their own from time to time.

Here are my favorite 3RACHA songs!



Matryoshka is a Russian nesting doll for those who don't know.

작은 Dragon Three 마리 /Three Small Dragons:

Three Small Dragon's is my favorite!

Runner's High:

What are your favorite 3RACHA songs?

Also who is your Stray Kids bias? Mine is Seungmin! But Jisung and Chan wreck me!
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Wow! I didn't know about this. That's incredible
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@Halsyeon Chan and Felix are my baby boys