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Hello lovely readers!!! Im back again with another Fan Fiction Review....

Warning this story has been done for a little under 2 years. Again this was on my read later list and although I had read this story when it first came out I forgot to actually finish it....

Alright so Here we go!!!!

The story Im Reviewing today is..........
drum roll please........

One Night By @Qilin94

One Night Intro
Who doesn't want A JHOPE fan fic?

Alright so this story has a total of 46 chapters. They are usually long chapters so you cant get through them super fast (which is fine) but you might be able to read it all in one day. (Depending on when you start)

A little summary:
It was suppose to be a one night stand.....but things became different when Boram and Hoseok met.

Now this story starts off with a nice grabber that makes you want to know what is going to happen...

The way the Author wrote was very descriptive. There is some Smut scenes but there is a warning before the scenes so you can skip through them....but towards the beginning chapters there might not be a skip scene time but those chapters are put together in one card.

This story had me wanting to know how things would work out between the two I even got angry at one point i thought the Author was gonna be rude and change who the character ends up with...I would have cried!!!

This story seriously had me going through emotional issues. By the end I NEEDED a happy ending.

The story contains, Love, smut, fights, and talks and some great interactions with everyone....

I think all the issues Hoseok and Boram go through just make them stronger people. It made me feel like this could really happen to one of the guys....maybe not now because of how big they have gotten but maybe they will find people who love them for themselves and not who they portray on stage (although i feel like that is part of the good side of them since we really dont see any bad sides.)
Sorry had to share this picture hes so freaking cute here!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little review...I didnt want to give away too much.

Keep an eye out for the next Fan Fiction Review.


I read this story while it was being updated and let me tell you that waiting for the next part was agonizing. I loved it so much I could not wait!!!
same here!!! but somehow i ended up waiting to finish and forgot bout it
I read this story before and I loved it
right it was amazing!!!