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How exciting!!!
So in a couple days you aren't going to hear from me for a week or so cuz I'll be disconnected with data and Wi-Fi. Its the one sad fact no connection.  BUT before I go I wanted to create this SSG game for B.A.P lol

Its a really Long Game but I hope you girls like it :)
So yey you've decided to read/Play!!! Lol Well you got the chance to go on a cruise with your best friend and not only is it a 14 days long, but one of its stops is in South Korea!

So what cruise will you be going on?

Who do you randomly bump into by the pool on the first day?

Who do you end up sitting next to at the dinner table?

Who do you see in the casino?

Who is doing karaoke in the lounge?

Who ends up flirting with you at the late night dance party?

What are you wearing at the dance party?

On the fancy Night there is a theater show thats all the buzz!!! What show are you seeing?

What will you be wearing at the show?

Who will you see after the show?

Who will you remember the most when the cruise is over?

You've made it through it all!! I hope yoy enjoyed and if you get a chance share your results!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!