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Que tal peeps!

Yall know I left Vingle for a bit. BUT I HAVE NOT FORGOT MY FOLLOWERS ON VINGLE! I might slowly come back. Idk yet but I'm slowly making fanfictions. I'm actually working on 2! I'm using Vingle right now to link you all to them from Wattpad.

This is a mature fanfiction that stars Yoongi and co-star Namjoon. It does feature the other memebers of BTS too.

If you wanna follow me on wattpad by name is amoJimin.

The link for the atory is below. Again it is a work in progress!

I think you'd like this story: "Yoongi: Fuck the Past" by amoJimin on Wattpad

Short Cap

The story is about a girl who is tired of the up and down relationship that she has invested her time in with Namjoon. He was her first love and he took her in vain. The last straw was him cheating on her. Low key Yoongi always liked her and made his move after her and Namjoon broke up. Yoongi shows her love that she has dreamt of and Namjoon is not having it. However Yoongi is very protective of his g/f and not having none of Namjoon acting a fool.
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