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Hello EXO-L! My name is Melissa! I want to announce that there is going to be a new team to help support EXO here on Vingle. My friends and I will be starting to post more about EXO. We hope to give EXO more presents in Vingle. We also hope you all will enjoy our cards. Even if you are old EXO-L or just discovered this amazing group, please look forward to our cards. We are starting a schedule.
I'll show you our schedule and introduce to you EXO Crew at the same time. That is name of our team EXO Crew
Her days are on Sunday, she is supporting Sehun, and Tuesday, with Lay.

Please look forward to her days.
Her day is on Monday, she will be supporting both Baekhyun and Xuimin.

Please look forward to her cards.
Her day is Wednesday, she will be supporting Suho and Chen.

Please look forward to her cards.
Her day is on Thursday, she will be supporting Chanyeol and D. O.

Please look forward to her cards.
Now for mysel, @MelissaGarza
My day is on Fridays and Saturdays. I will be supporting Kai, and will be in charge of EXO Challenge or game Night on Saturdays. It could be either a challenge or game that day. I will also be posting some EXO Members Challenges.

Please look forward to my cards.

We hope we will do EXO-L proud. We also hope for more participation for EXO in Vingle. Stay tune for more, because for our first week, we are doing member and support introductions.

This is going to be so much fun!

*Please comment if you want to be added to KokoBopper tag list*

Ooohhh can you add me as well!!!
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I wanna join lol. I may not be much help. but I can try. I love EXO
please tag me in everything! im not very good with posting so I cant help that much on that front but i would love to get to see all the cards and to heart and clip them. please add me to the tag list
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Thank you!